Transparent Detail – Driving Licence, DQC and Driver Cards

In 2017, the DVLA made Driver Qualification Card and Tachograph Driver Card information available to Licence Link’s online Driving Licence Checking service. Passing this on as a new additional free of charge service has been keenly adopted by Licence Link clients.

The comments below from existing clients just shows how valuable this service has been for driving compliancy and reduced administration:

 The introduction of Driver CPC & Digital Tachograph Card Details to Licence link, the on line checking service has allowed me to have a safe and efficient means of ensuring that we are operating fully compliant at all times. This service has removed a number of administrative duties which has allowed more time for other tasks to be carried out.

We want Licence Link to continue with our licence checking as this system is perfect for our peace of mind on compliance. Licence Link provides real time checking of compliance which includes driver CPC and Digital Tachograph cards.

CPC checking helps us to see the expiry of the card and monitor that going forward. No more asking everyone to have their card copied and admin needing to update a spread sheet and keep it updated.

These experiences are reflective of many of the businesses and organisations using Licence Link and involved with ensuring that their vocation drivers are fully entitled to drive for work related activities.

Reviewing the necessity of checking CPC/DQC and Driver cards, a previous article that began announcing the new free service from Licence Link “A Trio of Checks – Driving Licence, DQC and Driver Cards” states the following:

The professional LGV and PCV driver on the highways of today, have requirements to conform to the modern day rules of the road. Not only must they have a valid licence, but must be aware of the hours that they work and attend continuous training courses to prove professional competence. Fleet and HR Managers, tasked with ensuring that the driver is properly qualified with current and valid cards, as part of their duty of care requirements, can hugely benefit from this new service.

When the new service went live the article called “A Treasure Trove of Data – Driving Licence, DQC and Driver Cards” bullet pointed the benefits to the HR and Fleet Manager that Licence Link provides:

  • A 24 hour a day 7 days a week real time Licence/CPC/Tacho checking facility.
  • Single request responses with instant access to accurate data.
  • CPC/DQC Card.
  • Tachometer Driver Card.
  • Free with a Driving Licence check so no additional cost per check.
  • Less risk with improved duty of care procedures.
  • Less administration, freeing up time for HR and Fleet Managers

The article then summarises the value of the new service:

Providing this treasure trove of data is a fantastic leap forward for the fleet industry enabling better risk management and road safety procedures. Significantly this is a direct response to the needs of nearly all of the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) and Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) fleet operators in the UK who have struggled with the administration of having to monitor driving entitlement beyond driving licence validation.

Referring back to the client comments at the introduction of this article it can be clearly demonstrated that what was proposed, announced and made available has significantly assisted Licence Link clients with their legal requirements to ensure that their drivers are legally entitled to drive for work related duties.

Access to this transparent detail has provided a safe and efficient process of ensuring full compliancy, it has freed up valuable time and reduced the administrative burden that manual processes and procedures absorb. Licence Link will continue to offer free to its clients, validation of Driver Qualification Card and Tachograph Driver Card checking with every Driving Licence check.

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