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Our fleet customers span a broad range of sectors, from haulage to construction to HR. We’re proud to offer a knowledgeable, friendly service – it’s why our customers keep coming back. In fact, many of our clients have been using our licence checking service for over a decade! Read our customer testimonials below to see how Licence Link can benefit your business too…

Customer testimonials - Enterprise-Rent-A-Car

“The beauty of Licence Link is the ease to use their system. Any query you need on a driver is simply a click away! This definitely is a benefit with over 460 locations and over 4000 drivers nationwide.

The system gives you control, allowing you to check company drivers and manage risk effectively. It’s completely automated, eliminating any manual intervention. With eDeclarations and instant real-time checks for new company car drivers, this enables new drivers to be on the road in minutes, rather than days.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has peace of mind knowing that we are managing our Duty of Care responsibilities with Licence Link. It perfectly supplements our company policy.

We’ve been in partnership for over 6 years now and their ongoing improvements and communication ensures that we’re up to date latest with industry standards.

The Licence Link team are always pleasure to deal with and no problem is too small.”

Pizza hut - Licence Link customer

“We’ve been working with Licence Link for over 11 years and I would highly recommend them for their licence checking service. The system is easy to navigate around, from adding new drivers, to uploading documents, to running reports.

The service they provide has always been excellent, and the team are very friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions. The system also has a great help section which includes useful links, or user guides if required.”

Whippet Coaches

“We use Licence Link as our primary licence checking tool – it’s a clean, simple interface with everything at your fingertips. Drivers are able to complete their mandates via email so there’s less paperwork to fill in and store. All round, Licence Link provides great value and is an easy system to use. I highly recommend it to any business that is required to maintain compliance with driving licences.

The support from the staff at Licence Link is 100% spot on – no issue is too much hassle, and if you require any kind of assistance, they are there either by phone or via email without delay. If you are not using Licence Link, my only question to you is why?”

Blackshaws customer testimonial

“Each year I would chase over 50 staff for licence copies, in advance of their DVLA licence checks – finding errors, whilst spending periods concerned about any potential unknown issues.

I can now relax knowing that everything is checked on a regular basis. This has removed a big admin task and given the business, better protection for a very small cost. This really is an investment, and I would recommend any business of any size with drivers to utilize this system.”

Customer testimonials - Tower Transit

“Since Licence Link introduced the electronic declaration form, for our drivers to digitally authorise being set up on the database, the process has been extremely simple and easy to use.

Previously there was a lot of paperwork and time spent trying to actually see drivers, to get them to sign their mandate.

Now all we have to do is add their information to the database and click a button. Once they receive their email and authorise the eDeclaration, we then have access to view their information at any time we need, during the 3 year period. It’s so easy and user friendly. “

Customer testimonials - CMG

“CMG has used Licence Link for several years, with no issues at all. The support service behind this software is exemplary. We find it quick and easy to use, giving us immediate information, alerts and reports for our large driving force.

The electronic mandate has been a massive success – both our management team and drivers are comfortable with the process.

We can differentiate the frequency of checks for our team, using daily checks for drivers with higher levels of points. This is very useful.

CMILT Member

“I’m a self-employed transport consultant/trainer, assisting goods vehicle and PSV Operators in remaining compliant, concerning all aspects of Road Transport Legislation.

A critical area of compliance in the transport sector is driver licencing, ensuring that all drivers are fully qualified to drive the relevant vehicles and that all licences and categories are valid and up to date. This can be a time-consuming operation, especially if the drivers give approval one by one for the company to make in-house checks with DVLA.

I was employed as the Group Compliance Manager at C.M. Downton Haulage Ltd, responsible for the compliance of around 600 vehicles and 750 drivers. The time spent checking licences for new drivers and periodic checks for existing drivers was becoming unacceptable and after intensive research, I contacted Licence Link with a view to out-sourcing this task.

Having used their service whilst at Downton for 6 years and latterly whilst self-employed, I can honestly say that the system is excellent and the support offered when there are the occasional queries is outstanding. Our account manager is always on the end of the phone to assist with any technical queries.

The system allows the operator to make instant checks on drivers if necessary and also to run regular checks on expiry dates. This allows the operator to notify drivers several months in advance of their licences expiring.

I have now introduced Licence Link into two companies who I advise, and both are totally satisfied with the service provided by them.

MDS Distribution Ltd operates around 140 vehicles in West Wales and have used the system since October 2020. It has vastly improved the time spent on monitoring licences and to date, two drivers who were driving with revoked/expired licences have been identified and dealt with.

Gordon Gilder Transport Ltd operate 40 vehicles, based in Gloucestershire. They began using Licence Link in February 2021 and very quickly identified that one driver had failed to renew his CPC. We were also able to identify another driver who did not realise his licence was due for renewal within 2 days of the check and would have been driving without a licence for several months before his next in-house check.

All the above examples alone, in my opinion, thoroughly justify the cost of the service but when also you take into account the time saved in administering individual licence checks, I believe the service supplied by Licence Link is second to none and I thoroughly recommend it.”

Customer testimonials - Exeter City Council

“Licence Link’s digital checking service allows us to ensure we’re compliant with the DVLA at all times. It’s removed a number of administrative duties, giving us more time to carry out other tasks.

We have a lot of large fleet drivers that worked throughout the COVID crisis, including Civil Enforcement Officers delivering welfare packages to the vulnerable. Thanks to Licence Link, we can keep on top of all driver licences, CPC and Digital Tachograph cards.”

TF Smiths

“We’re a small business that specialises in the Automotive Accident, Repair and Recovery sector.

The frustration of checking licences across our 5 businesses was tedious and frustrating to say the least, before Licence Link came to our rescue.

The service they provide is excellent, their web portal is easy to use, the reporting is vital in keeping our business safe and compliant, and our insurers love it too.

The team at Licence Link are always there should you need their help.”

Reliance Buses

“The Licence Link system is easy to navigate, and it’s great because it can be personalised for your own specific requirements.

Once set up, the process is automated with minimal input required. The security of knowing the system is checking licences in the background at agreed times and warning you of issues well in advance is a great relief, especially as companies have many compliance demands on them!

If at any time you need extra help or guidance, calls are answered promptly and the staff at Licence link go out of their way to help you.”

Car Benefit Solutions

“We’re extremely happy that we decided to work with Licence Link, many years ago.

The system is easy to navigate and manage, and whenever we have needed support, the team are always on hand to help.

The way in which we can track and log our licence-related matters is great and means that a once manual task takes half the time.”

Kings Ferry Logo

“Prior to using Licence Link, we would run all checks by taking a photocopy of the drivers licence, then sending it to the DVLA for the check to take place. We’d receive a paper copy of the check from DVLA and then have to manually enter all data onto a spread sheet.

Those days are now long gone, with the ease to check drivers even at interview. It is simple and easy to complete records, all taken care of with the web-based system that Licence Link offers.

If at help is needed, a simple email to the team solves the problem, normally within an hour at most.

Licence Link makes it easy to stay legal, check drivers and get results. Even the expiry dates of DQC cards and Digital Tachograph are 1 click away! This system puts you in control, feeling safe in the knowledge that you’re compliant.

Great team to deal with and always looking to move forward with the customer needs first.”


“The system perfectly fits our business needs. We’ve seen the system develop and improve, most notably from paper permission to eDeclarations, assisting the business with risk control for approximately ten thousand team members.

The support we receive from the Licence Link team is first rate. They respond promptly to general admin requests, building bespoke reports when required alongside the existing custom reports in the system.

Efficiently managing team members driving licences would not be possible without Licence Link. Our account is maintained accurately and credits kept topped up.

Alongside the time and efficiency savings, Licence Link provides us with peace of mind. We know that our risk management is in safe hands.”

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