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Growth of the Grey Fleet

For businesses looking to expand their fleet size, the cost of living crisis combined with the limited availability of new cars has forced employers to explore alternative routes.

Whilst operating costs continue to rise – affecting everything from energy bills to vehicle maintenance costs – many employers are reluctant to commit to extra expenses. As well as the initial outlay, the cost of servicing, MOTs, and maintaining additional vehicles has risen substantially. But it’s not just the cost. With lead times for new cars still spanning up to a year, it has caused significant delays in the process.

Without the extra capacity, fleets could struggle to satisfy customer demand. This can prevent them from reaching their growth targets or realising profit opportunities. However, the current difficulty in attaining new vehicles has forced many employers to seek alternative options…

Introducing: Growth of the Grey Fleet

A quick and cost-effective way to increase capacity is through the grey fleet.

The grey fleet is where the employer reimburses its staff to use their own vehicles for regular business-related journeys. When taking on additional drivers to increase capacity this way, there is no initial cost of acquiring extra vehicles. This is a good option when looking to grow as it keeps fixed costs to a minimum. It reduces the risk and financial commitment, even if only used as a short-term solution.

However, if intending to grow via the grey fleet, it’s key for employers to ensure their team members’ licences are valid and vehicles are compliant.

Requirements, Responsibilities, and Risks Involved

Employers must ensure that all grey fleet vehicles are correctly maintained and roadworthy. This is a legal requirement for UK employers and should be built into their processes, however, is often overlooked. According to research by Arval Mobility Observatory –“62% of companies do not have any form of grey fleet policy in place and only 16% have adopted what they describe as a “comprehensive” policy covering the subject […] A huge proportion of companies don’t have any formal structure in place for handling this crucial safety issue which, if it is not taken seriously, not only increases the chances of accidents but could even see directors of companies being liable in the event of a serious incident.”

Ensuring each driver is correctly licenced is also essential. This can be easily managed using an automated system like Licence Link, returning results in real-time, and managing driver licences in bulk.

Melvin Jeffers, Head of Licence Link summarises – “More and more businesses are turning to the grey fleet for a fast and flexible way to grow, as it keeps costs down. For those doing so, it’s important to establish a sustainable checking routine from the get-go! They need to manage privately owned vehicles and their company-owned counterparts equally. Just because they don’t own them, they are still responsible for their use.”

Navigating the challenges posed by the current cost of living crisis and the scarcity of new vehicles, businesses are increasingly turning to the grey fleet as a viable solution for fleet expansion. This approach offers a cost-effective means to boost capacity without the initial financial burden of acquiring new vehicles. However, for employers considering this avenue, it is crucial to establish a robust framework that addresses the legal and safety aspects associated with the grey fleet.

Do future drivers fit the bill beyond their CV?

Good fit for the team? Got the right qualifications and experience? Questions like this are commonly asked when interviewing. Although… did you check their driving licence? According to Licence Link, employers often overlook driving licence checks during the interview process. This can result in costly consequences – including having to rehire, putting other road users at risk, facing a drop in productivity due to driver downtime, and even breaking the law.

Fleet and HR Managers should take precautions when hiring to save time and money. They can do this by incorporating licence checks into their recruitment process, ideally before offering a job. Candidates may hold back information if not asked to take a licence check, and if an employee commits a driving offence whilst holding a critical level of points, this can incur serious consequences for the business. As an employer, it’s within the duty of care to ensure every driver is regularly checked, to prevent such eventualities.

As a starting point, employers should refer to their insurance policy. It’s often outlined that drivers within the fleet mustn’t exceed a certain level of points, in order to be covered by the policy. Failing to check the status of new employees’ licences could have implications on their cover. Inevitably, this means that if an employer sends out an uninsured driver – knowingly or unknowingly – they’d be held liable. Not only would they be breaking the law but this would also invalidate their policy, leaving them responsible for any damages caused in the event of an accident.

In addition, employers must also determine that candidates have the right licence for the role. If the fleet requires the applicant to drive a Category C vehicle, it’s key they have the correct licence. If not checked and the candidate is only qualified for a C1 licence, for example, they would not legally be qualified to carry out the role. A simple mistake but easy to prevent with the right tools! Melvin Jeffers, Head of Licence Link explains:

“It’s your duty as a business to ensure all drivers have a valid licence, right for the job. Regardless of the CV or candidate, checking their licence beforehand safeguards your business. Why risk the consequences when each check costs less than a coffee?” 

Licence Link helps businesses to stay on top of compliance with results returned in real-time, making it a fast, digital process:

It saves time and provides the relevant information we need to fulfil roles successfully and efficiently” explains Licence Link customer, Cheshire West & Chester Borough Council.

In short, regular licence checking should be included as part of the hiring process. Licence Link automates the process, removing the need for any manual intervention or scheduling – so there really is no excuse for non-compliance. You wouldn’t buy a dangerous car so why hire someone who puts your business at risk? It’s a small price to pay!

Prevent Accidents and Protect Your Fleet

We’re all human and accidents happen – it’s inevitable. However, it’s essential that businesses take precautions to reduce the risk their drivers pose to other road users. This is key for HR and Fleet Managers, often liable for handling thousands of drivers at once, with unthinkable consequences should they get it wrong. See how Licence Link, the digital licence checking tool, keeps fleets accountable and helps to eliminate risk:

1. Ensures Compliance with Insurance

Employers must adhere to the terms outlined by their insurance provider, so it’s essential to clarify these upfront. Often policies will exclude drivers with excess points, convictions, or endorsements. Failure to check employees’ licences, or sending out drivers who do not comply is a big mistake! In the event of an accident, the fleet policy could be void, leaving the employer to cover costly repairs or injury claims.

Licence Link makes it easy to comply. Fleet Managers can access a digital audit trail of every driver and branch, saving the search through filing cabinets or spreadsheets to ensure their team meet the insurer’s criteria. With Licence Link, managers can create customisable reports, filtering by driver profile, risk level or business structure – ensuring their team has the necessary training and qualifications specified. Phil Wong, Group Operations Director at T F Smiths UK Ltd explains –

“The service Licence Link provides is excellent – the reporting is vital in keeping our business safe and compliant, and our insurers love it too.”

2. Minimises Risk, Costs and Disruption

If Fleet Managers fail to check future employees’ licences before hiring, they could face driver downtime, a loss of productivity, and having to re-hire – not to mention the increased risk of an accident on the clock! Therefore, relying on new recruits to disclose points or endorsements is a poor gamble, likely to end in excess cost and disruption.

Using Licence Link, the HR team can send an eDeclaration to the candidate to sign from their phone, taking just moments. Results are returned in real time, removing any delays throughout the hiring process. Approval lasts three years, so the employer can carry out recurring checks without any further paperwork or hassle.

Fleet Managers must account for all remaining drivers. This includes grey fleet (employees who use their own vehicle for work-related journeys), plus associated drivers (partners or spouses who share company cars). It can be tricky to keep track when organising checks internally. With Licence Link, grey fleet and associated drivers are seamlessly maintained and checked alongside employees. Both driver types pose the same risk as a direct driver, so must not be overlooked.

3. Prevents Accidents and Unanticipated Costs

The stakes are high for using a high-risk or uninsured driver. This ranges from fines to invalid insurance, damage to reputation, and injuring other road users. A recent RAC survey indicates that a quarter of motorists with penalty points did not disclose them to their employers. Worryingly, this could lead to an increased risk of staff causing a road traffic accident, so employers must take their duty of care seriously.

Licence Link helps to maintain a frequent checking schedule without the responsibility of managing it manually or on a per-employee basis. It’s important to incorporate routine checks into the company policy, providing transparency and assurance for both driver and employer. Licence Link checks drivers in bulk, provides automatic alerts for upcoming checks or renewals, and makes it easy to alternate the frequency of checks. Will Blackshaw, Dealer Principal at Blackshaw’s explains –

“Each year I would chase over 50 staff members for licence copies to check with the DVLA and would find errors, then spend periods concerned about any potential unknown issues. I can now relax knowing that everything is checked on a regular basis. This has removed a big admin task and given us better protection for a very small cost.”

Advice from the Experts at Licence Link

The key to managing risk is to prepare ahead. There’s no excuse for non-compliance, especially with a system like Licence Link that handles every driver, eliminating human error, missed checks or delays. Accidents happen when businesses behave negligibly, so digitalising the process is the best course of action, especially with a sizeable fleet.

Learn how Licence Link can support your business.

Don’t Let Nominated Drivers Put your Fleet at Risk

Businesses must regularly check their employees’ licences for new endorsements or penalties, as part of their Duty of Care. However, many employers underestimate the risk of nominated drivers – non-employed individuals who also use company-owned cars, such as partners or spouses. Despite not being employed by the company, these drivers still pose the same level of risk, and therefore must be equally monitored alongside employees.

According to Licence Link – the online driving licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service – this is not just best practice, it’s a necessity. Failure to comply could result in serious consequences for Fleet Managers – from incurring fines to being held liable for any damage caused by a nominated driver.

To minimise the risk, Fleet and HR Managers must check both contracted employees and nominated drivers on a regular basis for…
  • Medical conditions
  • Driving licence convictions
  • Endorsements and points
  • Accidents and incident involvement
  • Licence expiries
It’s essential to ensure the HR or Fleet policy includes a routine checking schedule which accounts for nominated drivers, as standard. Failure to do so could result in:
  • The business being held liable for a serious road incident
  • Increased insurance costs (or invalidation) of the group policy
  • Disqualified drivers illegally using a company car
  • Corporate loss of credibility, if drivers are not managed correctly 

To keep costs to a minimum, some fleets still co-ordinate their checking routine in-house. This includes diarising hundreds of checks, gaining approvals, submitting individual driver data online and collating results on an ongoing basis. Without the right tools for support, this can make compliance a huge task for many already stacked HR teams. Licence Link mitigates the stress, hassle and risk involved, simplifying and automating the process.

The built-in features in Licence Link provide a simple and effective way to keep check of nominated drivers. Here’s how:
  • Nominated drivers are linked to the employee record
  • They can approve licence checks remotely by signing an eDeclaration
  • Once approved, licences can be checked for 3 years without any further input 
  • If an employee leaves, any nominated drivers will be automatically deleted from the system
  • Licence Link complies with GDPR 
  • Critical alerts and reports include nominated drivers 
  • Manage contracted employees and nominated drivers simultaneously

Licence Link makes it easy for fleets of any size, in any sector to manage driver risk, costing less that the price of a small high street coffee per check. It’s a no-brainer that fleets can save significantly by using a system like Licence Link to automate the process. In fact, there’s no excuse for getting caught out.

Check Your Grey Fleet Or Risk Non-Compliance

In recent years, factors such as COVID-19, the limited availability of new car registrations, and the cost-of-living crisis, have encouraged many employers to move away from offering company cars. In addition, companies like Deliveroo and Uber have largely embraced this, with the majority of their drivers using their own cars. Now, more privately owned vehicles, or cars funded through cash allowance schemes, are used for work-related journeys instead. Known as the ‘Grey Fleet’, according to the BVLRA, there are roughly 14 million of these vehicles currently on UK roads*.

Despite many employers relinquishing ownership of company cars, they’re still responsible for checking that every driver has a valid licence, and that vehicles used during working hours are fit for purpose. This applies to organisations in both the private and public sectors – some of which rely on thousands of Grey Fleet vehicles.

Whether managing five or five thousand drivers, it’s essential Fleet Managers have the tools to support their team. Otherwise managing compliance can be incredibly risky and time-consuming. Luckily, Licence Link – the digital licence checking solution – automates the job, relieving hours of admin and reducing the risk of missed licence checks.

Many employers still handle licence checking in-house – maintaining spreadsheets, diarising reminders, manually inputting driver details online, and gaining approval for every check. It’s easy to see how a driver could slip beneath the radar. For fleets looking for a faster and more reliable option, Licence Link streamlines the entire process, managing Grey Fleet and company car drivers as one.

Here’s how:
  • Employers can get fast, digital approval from their drivers. It takes just minutes to sign an eDeclaration, can be completed from their phone, and lasts three years.
  • Set auto alerts in advance of upcoming checks.
  • Alter the frequency of checks based on driver risk or vehicle category.
  • Schedule in advance to prevent missed endorsements.
  • Licence Link returns results in real-time – reducing downtime and delays.
  • All previous checks are readily accessible in the reporting suite.

With Grey Fleet vehicles accounting for a significant (and growing) percentage of those used for business travel, it’s important employers don’t overlook licence checking for this category. Failing to do so could result in hefty fines, invalidated insurance or endangering other road users – regardless of whether the business owns the vehicle or not. Licence Link is cost-effective, hassle-free, and user-friendly, so there’s no excuse for non-compliance.


*BVRLA, Grey Fleet,,up%20to%20%C2%A35%20billion. [Accessed 10/03/23]

Relieve Pressure on your Fleet and Avoid HR Burnout

Employers are paying more attention to their team’s well-being, facing increasing pressure to reduce stressful or unmanageable workloads, which can adversely affect mental health. Many fleets have streamlined processes – minimising unnecessary risk, hassle, and responsibility on employees. As a result, they’ve boosted productivity.

Using a provider like Licence Link, Fleet Managers can automate and digitalise their licence checking routine for an immediate positive impact on their team. Here’s how:

Avoid HR burnout without compromising compliance

Some HR teams schedule driver checks internally, juggling up to thousands of drivers. This heightens the risk of missed points or endorsements, relying on staff to diarise every reminder. Licence Link removes the need for manual scheduling, alerting HR in advance of any upcoming licence checks or renewals, saving valuable hours for overstretched teams. Andy Bealing, Fleet Manager at Exeter City Council, explains –

“Licence Link’s digital checking service always ensures we’re compliant with the DVLA. It’s removed a number of administrative duties, giving us more time to carry out other tasks.”

HR teams using the Government’s online checking service must complete extra paperwork and face longer lead times for results. This adds to the pressure and time constraints, as it’s essential they receive a response before drivers can hit on the road. With Licence Link, results are returned in real-time, streamlining the process and allowing staff to focus on other priorities.

Reduce strain on your team by keeping on top of your drivers

Non-compliance is costly – endangering road users, invalidating insurance policies, and even resulting in legal action. There’s no room for mistakes when lives are at risk!

Licence checking should be an integral part of the recruitment process, to ensure candidates have a valid licence before they’re offered the role. Any endorsements or disqualifications affecting their ability to work will be identified in advance, preventing unexpected downtime and a halt in productivity later.

Using Licence Link, Fleet Managers can adapt the frequency of checks – monitoring high-risk drivers more regularly. This is often complicated to handle in-house, especially with numerous drivers or branches. By automating the process, it’s less likely drivers will slip beneath the radar, relieving unnecessary pressure from team members.

The system gives you the control that you need, allowing you to check company drivers and manage risk effectively. It’s completely automated, with notifications eliminating any manual intervention. This is a huge benefit with over 460 locations and over 4,000 drivers nationwide.” – explains Lafever-Ayer at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Relinquish the repetitive and time-consuming tasks

It’s frustrating for both the HR team and drivers when approval is needed for every check. With hundreds or thousands of employees to monitor on a rolling basis, it’s a monotonous cycle. Using Licence Link, drivers can sign a one-off eDeclaration from their phone. Approval lasts three years, alleviating unnecessary stress and interruptions –

“It’s made the process much quicker and simpler. We previously spent weeks chasing people for information for each check, but with Licence Link, you don’t have to. Staff prefer it because I’m not nagging them every few months about their licence checking. If you employ drivers, it’s a no-brainer.” – Will Blackshaw, Managing Director, Blackshaws.

To conclude…

The benefits of using a system like Licence Link are endless. From winning back valuable time to offloading excess paperwork – allowing your team to focus on other priorities – the impact on productivity and the mental health of your team is substantial. With more businesses now tuning into the well-being of their workforce, fleets should seriously consider switching up their processes to see real results.

Get in touch to see how your fleet can benefit from Licence Link.

Don’t let your responsibilities slip this festive season

With the festive rush in full swing, it’s tempting for fleets to cut corners, especially with extra orders to fulfil and deliveries to be scheduled ahead of Christmas. Many fleets will be feeling the pressure – whether distributing parcels, delivering pizzas, or managing public transport routes. It’s vital that Fleet Managers stay on top of licence checking to avoid costly consequences, keeping their business sleighing ahead into the New Year.

Many fleets still coordinate driver checks in-house or use inadequate solutions, leaving their (already stacked) HR team to handle hundreds of checks and approvals. Adopting a system like Licence Link – with automated alerts, digital approvals, and real-time results – is a fast-track way to prevent missed endorsements, unexpected downtime, and skyrocketing stress levels. Here’s how…

Prevent your HR team from getting snowed under with excess paperwork

Fleets using the free online checking service (aimed at individual drivers) will spend hours inputting driver details and liaising with their team to manually approve checks. Licence Link helps avoid the associated bottlenecks and delays, whilst eliminating the need to gain approval each time.

Fleet Managers can automate alerts for every driver, so there’s no need to keep a manual record of upcoming checks. Whether you have 20 or 200 drivers, this is a significant time-saver, preventing the risk of missed endorsements. In addition, the HR team can ask drivers to sign a digital declaration straight from their phone – taking seconds. Approval lasts for three years, allowing the business to carry out unlimited checks, without continuously chasing for approval.

Protect the safety of other road users this Winter

As the weather turns, wet and icy driving conditions inevitably lead to an increase in road traffic accidents. Be sure all your team has a valid licence to minimise risk to other road users! Systems like Licence Link provide real-time results on driver checks. Another key factor is the maximum points covered by insurance providers. It’s essential to monitor any drivers at risk of exceeding this threshold, or fleets could unknowingly invalidate their policy. With Licence Link, HR teams can increase the frequency of checks for drivers in the high-risk zone. Ensure new points are quickly identified, and appropriate actions are taken.

Avoid unanticipated downtime impacting busy delivery schedules

With many fleets facing a spike in demand over the holiday, it’s key they have enough drivers to manage delivery schedules. An unexpected disqualification or exclusion due to excess points could be detrimental during the seasonal demand surge – leading to disgruntled customers, complaints, and excess stress on the remaining team. Licence Link provides Fleet Managers with complete visibility, enabling them to mitigate this risk. They can instantly access driver data at every branch. This enables them to determine which team members are nearing the threshold, allocating schedules accordingly. Alternatively, they can arrange a plan B or ensure extra drivers are on standby to minimise disruption.

Be sure your fleet complies and ace the festive rush

To get ahead and avoid disruption, businesses that coordinate licence checking in-house should re-evaluate. For a small fee per check Fleet Managers can mitigate disruption, save time, and ensure their schedules run efficiently. So, if your HR team is under pressure during this festive period, get ahead by adopting an automated solution, like Licence Link.

Get in touch today at:

Licence Link is Highly Commended at Business Car Awards

Nominated for three categories at Business Car Awards 2022 – a fantastic achievement in itself – Licence Link is proud to be awarded Highly Commended for Best Fleet Software!

Finalists were selected for their commitment to keeping fleets running smoothly, and helping businesses stay on top of what’s important. Licence Link’s fast, secure and contactless licence checking solution supports businesses in every sector to ensure driver compliance. The system features a range of digital tools to streamline the process, including:

Real-Time Checking

With Licence Link, HR and Fleet Managers can efficiently keep track of every employee, ensuring they’re fit to drive and hold a valid licence. New points or endorsements can be quickly identified and appropriate action taken, preventing the employer from facing costly consequences – from invalidated insurance to legal action.

Automated Alerts

Drivers often fail to disclose licence changes to their employers, so it’s essential that businesses are prepared. The automated alerts system in Licence Link reduces the time and responsibility involved in manually managing drivers. Employers can schedule checks – automating the frequency based on driver type. Licence Link advises their customers to check low-risk drivers (less than 6 points) bi-annually as a minimum, and higher-risk drivers more frequently. Employers can flexibly manage thousands of driver checks each year, preventing missed checks and saving hours.

Reliance Buses Ltd – Kieran McDonnell, Safety Officer explains –

“The process is automated with minimal input required. The security of knowing the system is checking licences in the background at agreed times and warning you of issues well in advance is a great relief, especially as companies have many compliance demands on them!”

Total Visibility – Reporting

With multi-branch reporting in Licence Link, Fleet Managers can monitor driver records across single sites or multiple branches. This provides complete visibility. Licence Link contains a full audit trail, significantly more effective and reliable than processing driver records manually. There’s no excuse for non-compliance.

Electronic Approvals

Licence Link has transformed business processes, supporting fleets to maintain their Duty of Care responsibility. The introduction of eDeclarations was a prime example.

Senior Driver Development Officer at The Kings Ferry (Part of National Express) explains –

“Prior to using Licence Link, we ran all licence checks by taking a photocopy of the driver’s licence and then sending it to the DVLA for the check to take place. We would get back a paper copy of the check, and manually enter all data onto a spreadsheet.

Those days are long gone, with the ease to check drivers even at the interview stage. It’s simple to complete records, all taken care of with the web-based system. Licence Link makes life so easy to stay legal, check drivers and get results. This system lets you control it and feel safe in the knowledge that you are compliant.”

Melvin Jeffers, Head of Licence Link summarises –

“By making the process as frictionless and intuitive as possible, we’ve encouraged customers to take compliance more seriously. They’ve been able to increase the frequency of checks without tripling their workload or directly impacting the safety of other road users – identifying high-risk drivers before they’re sent out on the job.

We are very proud to have received the Highly Commended award and would like to thank the team at Business Car for a fantastic evening!”

Dealer Groups Save Hours with Real-Time Checks

Car dealer groups, often employing up to 100 employees per branch, must regularly check their employees’ driving licences. With a large percentage of dealership staff required to test-drive or manoeuvre stock, deliver courtesy vehicles, or even re-fuel, they must have a valid licence.

With the current chip crisis affecting new vehicle supply (and sales), it’s critical that automotive groups minimise hassle, cost, and delays elsewhere, in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Using an automated licence checking tool like Licence Link is a significant time-saver – enabling dealers to get staff to get behind the wheel quickly and safely. Will Blackshaw, Managing Director at Blackshaws explains –

“As a dealership, Licence Link really helps us. We’ve got many staff members who drive – especially in a workshop environment, with multiple technicians driving customers’ cars. It’s absolutely paramount that they are being driven legally and within our insurance parameters.

Our insurance company like to see the reports, it helps reduce our premium – everyone enjoys a reduction in their premiums! And obviously, we need to have the confidence that our drivers are compliant and legal.”

Why Must Dealers Check their Team Members’ Licences?

Dealers that fail to check their employees’ licences risk severe consequences – from legal action to fines to invalidated insurance policies. If staff are caught with excess endorsements or disqualifications, it could cost the business thousands.

For a small cost per check (less than a high-street cappuccino), dealers can be certain that every driver in their business complies. Even in a small or family-owned business, employers should not rely solely on the trust and discretion of their staff. Even a loyal employee may unknowingly attain points, resulting in the employer being held liable. It’s quick, easy, and secure to run checks with a tool like Licence Link, and all data is quickly accessible via their handy reporting suite.

“Licence Link is very easy to use. Frighteningly, it identified quite a few concerns and issues that staff weren’t aware of, with licence expiries coming up. For any new driver, we put their information in the system and get a check done. In seconds, we know what their status is from a driving compliance point of view. It works really well and it’s so simple” – explains Blackshaw.

Benefits of Regular Licence Checks

Following the pandemic, most dealers have digitalised their processes. As a result, they were able to reduce paperwork, increase data security, and boost convenience. Licence Link falls perfectly in line with these new standards, offering a fully digital permissions process. Dealers gain digital approval to check their team’s licences via a simple email link, with permission that lasts three years. This streamlines the outdated manual process to alleviate delays, and consequently save hours for HR teams.

Multi-site groups can easily manage driver transfers with Licence Link. Similarly, systems that offer multi-branch reporting provide an overview of every driver and branch, so management can maintain complete control when handling compliance.

In short, dealer groups see substantial benefits when using an automated licence checking tool, freeing up time and providing assurance. To find out more about the benefits of licence checking, get in touch today.

Licence Link Launches New Website

Licence Link has launched their new website, packed with helpful advice for fleets, informative articles, and tips on how to reduce the risk of driver compliance.

With over a decade of experience in providing driving licence, CPC and Tacho checks, the knowledgeable Birmingham-based team has built up a strong customer base, spanning almost every industry. Whether it’s Pizza Hut, City Councils, or international courier businesses, Licence Link has streamlined processes and reduced the risk of non-compliance for hundreds of HR teams across the UK.

The importance of driver compliance should not be overlooked – with severe consequences for employers that fail to comply. Licence Link’s new website outlines the risks, challenges, and consequences, along with providing advice for businesses about how to save valuable hours when keeping check of their drivers.

Many employers are yet to use an automated licence checking tool like Licence Link. Instead, they allocate hours of time to check every driver manually. With potentially hundreds of drivers, it quickly adds up. With manual checking, there’s also the risk of mistakes when inputting driver data, which could delay the return of check results.

Licence Link’s new website makes it easy to understand the benefits of a secure and approved system. This ranges from reducing the risk of missed checks, winning back valuable hours, and getting results in real-time. Visitors can watch informative videos explaining the benefits of the digital tools in the system, and browse testimonials, to see exactly why employers favour Licence Link over manual checking.

Supported by their parent company – leading global automotive system provider, Pinewood Technologies – Licence Link has proven valuable for their vehicle retail customers. By applying their expertise in the motor trade, Licence Link has been able to offer dealers a time-saving, reliable solution for checking licences across their businesses.

This is explained by Will Blackshaw, Dealer Principal of Blackshaws Garage:

“Before we started using Licence Link, I would have to chase over 50 staff for copies of their licences, in order to check them with the DVLA. We’d often find errors, whilst spending periods concerned about any potential unknown issues.

I can now relax knowing that everything is checked on a regular basis. This has removed a big admin task and given the business better protection for a very small cost. Licence Link really is an investment, and I would recommend any business of any size, with drivers, to utilise this system.”

The benefits of using an automated licence checking provider are significant – especially for larger companies or sizeable fleets. Licence Link’s new website offers valuable knowledge and advice to businesses that still check licences manually, or which seek advice on how to reduce the risk of missed checks.

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