Why it's Important to Check

Licence Link supports businesses in every sector to fulfil their duty of care requirements – streamlining and digitalising their licence checking routine. It’s crucial that every fleet business keeps check of their drivers, which isn’t an easy task – especially as many of our customers have 100+ drivers! So, why check?

Your business could face severe consequences if you don’t take your duty of care responsibility seriously.

Keep check of drivers or your fleet could face serious consequences...

Why check? Reduce the risk of hefty fines!

Hefty fines

If your drivers forget to renew their licence or attain new points unknowingly, your business could be breaking the law! Sending out drivers without a valid licence is a costly mistake.

Why check? Prevent invalidating your insurance policy!

Invalidated insurance

Unidentified (or undisclosed) endorsements could render your insurance policy invalid. It’s key to check that drivers are covered, as many policies only insure drivers with less than 6 points.

Why check? Avoid the risk of endangering other road users.

Endangering other road users

Failure to monitor high-risk drivers could compromise the safety of other road users. It’s your responsibility to check drivers have a valid licence and the right qualifications.

How Can Licence Link Help?

Check driving licences with minimal hassle in Licence Link, making it easy to comply
Check driving licences with minimal hassle in Licence Link, making it easy to comply

Need help with driver compliance? We've got your business covered!

Licence Link gives you fast results when you need them, all handled within our easy-to-use system. We take the hassle out of checking your drivers and keeping your business compliant! Be sure all drivers have a valid licence, saving hours worth of administration for your HR team.

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