Month: December 2018

Local Authorities and Protecting the Public.

Until recently Local Authorities were able to check driving licences using the DVLA’s Driving Licence Checking (DLC) service. This was decommissioned on the 1st of December 2018. With responsibilities for many services that involve the use of vehicles this online service was essential in order to ensure that drivers were licenced, entitled and above all safe to perform their driving duties.

Services such as Waste Collection, Social Care, Fire and Public safety and the licencing of drivers of hackney carriage and private hire vehicles, for example, have to continue. So too is the legal obligation to reduce and remove identified risk from any duty that involves the use of a local authority vehicle or a vehicle that has been licenced for hire.

In order to help with the replacement of the DLC and the procurement process, Licence Link, the online Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho Cards checking service, with a track record with existing Public and Local Authorities, can ease the transition from DLC to a service that offers so much more.

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Company Vehicles and Nominated Additional Drivers.

It is common practice to check the driving licences for vocational and company car drivers in order to ensure compliance with duty of care requirements. Grey Fleet drivers are also beginning to be assessed in the same way. But there is another category of driver that sometimes gets overlooked. This means that for some businesses and organisations there is a hidden risk that is not being addressed.

Many company vehicles are provided to employees where personal use is permitted. For 2016/17 there were 940,000 drivers paying BIK tax. If taking a nominal 12% of that figure it means that there are close to 113,000 drivers that should be validated for an entitlement to drive. This implies that all of the licence, age and driving experience requirements considered for an employee should also be applied to a nominated non-employee before approval to drive is given. But does this happen?

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