Month: December 2018

Licence Link reduces risk for Public Sector drivers

Until recently, Local Authorities were able to check driving licences using the DVLA’s Driving Licence Checking (DLC) service, however, this was decommissioned on the 1st of December 2018. This left a service gap, with hundreds of drivers in the Public Services still requiring regular licence checks to ensure they are safe and fit to drive in their role.

A handy replacement for the DVLA’s DLC service, Licence Link is available to bridge the gap. With decades of experience providing Driver, Tacho and CPC checks for fleets in every sector, they offer a secure and reliable alternative. Licence Link streamlines the process of checking driver records, ideal for those affected by the decommissioning – including for drivers in Waste Collection, Social Care, Fire, Public Safety, and in the licencing of drivers with hackney carriages or private hire vehicles.

It’s still essential to ensure that drivers are licenced, entitled and safe to be on the road. Licence Link helps to meet the duty of care responsibilities and legal obligations of the Public Services (and other employers), identifying any risks and endorsements in just moments.

With Licence Link, both Public Service organisations and private employers can benefit from: 

  • Real-time checks for drivers
  • One price includes all three checks – Driver, CPC and Tacho
  • No upfront cost – single price per check, less than a small coffee!
  • 24-hour accessibility of checks, 7 days a week
  • Access to Driver, CPC and Tacho checks
  • Digital approvals, with permissions lasting 3 years
  • Ability to meet Duty of Care requirements
  • Ease to view historic check results
  • No implementation required

Licence Link is a worthy successor to the decommissioned DLC service. It’s a robust, cost-effective and efficient Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service, experienced with the needs of reducing risk, protecting the public and serving Local and Public Authorities.

Get in touch to see how your business can benefit.

Company Vehicles and Nominated Drivers

Businesses should regularly check employees’ licences for new endorsements or penalties, as part of their Duty of Care. However, many businesses underestimate the risk of nominated drivers (non-employed drivers), both of which could land the employer in hot water.

Employers will often provide company vehicles where personal use is permitted. The same driver checks should be carried out on partners, spouses or family members before approval to drive is given. But does this happen? 

A company-provided vehicle, driven by a nominated driver, carries the same risk factors as one driven by a contracted employee. That’s why it’s essential that non-employees, with use of a company vehicle, are also checked for:

  • Medical conditions
  • Driving licence convictions
  • Endorsements and points
  • Accidents and incident involvement

If the HR or Fleet policy fails to include checks on nominated drivers, this can lead to severe consequences – that’s why it’s crucial to stay ahead. Failure to check could result in:

  • Corporate liabilities in the event of a serious road incident
  • Increased insurance costs for the group insurance policy, in the event of increased licence convictions
  • Potentially disqualified drivers using a company-provided vehicle
  • Corporate loss of credibility if exposure to risk has been identified

Any nominated driver should be evaluated in the same way as a team member, regardless of their non-employee status. The risk evaluation is the same and policies should be adopted that reflect this.

Licence Link, the online driving licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service, provides a simple and effective way to keep check of nominated drivers. Here’s how:

  • Associated drivers are linked to the employee record
  • Once approval to check has been gained, licences can be checked on a recurring basis
  • Set up automatic alerts as frequently as required, based on driver risk
  • If the employee leaves, associated drivers are automatically deleted from the system
  • Complies with GDPR 
  • Critical alerts and reports include nominated drivers 
  • A successful way of managing employer risk

Licence Link makes it easy to manage driver risk. There’s no excuse for businesses to get caught out – the entire process is seamless.

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