We asked some of our Licence Link users to share their thoughts on how our system and team helps them achieve their business objectives. See below:

Kelly Communications

Claims and Risk Manager:

VolkerWessels UK

Fleet Manager:

C M Downton Haulage Ltd.

Group Compliance Manager:

“We operate around 550 LGV’s from 20 depots across the UK and have used Licence Link to carry out our driving licence checks for the last 4 years.

Throughout this time, I found the service they provide to be excellent, the web based system is simple to operate and understand and there are a multitude of reports available to cover all requirements.

The support level is also outstanding. In the event of any queries there is always a very quick response and they are always ready to provide advice in regard to driving licence enquiries.

How we have benefitted from Licence Link:

  1. Their system allows us to exercise a duty of care in respect of our drivers, simply and efficiently
  2. Since the system was introduced, it has identified four cases of our drivers unknowingly driving with a revoked licence, due to change of address issues and their court correspondence regarding speeding issues etc. going missing
  3. It has also identified one individual who was already disqualified when employed by us but had failed to return his driving licence to the DVLA, so was subsequently able to produce it to us when employed
  4. We have a policy where all drivers with 9 or more points are checked monthly as opposed to 6 monthly. This allows us to keep a close watch on our high risk drivers
  5. The feature where we can also keep track of CPC and Drivers digital tacho card expiry dates is extremely useful, especially with new employees

I can thoroughly recommend Licence Link to anyone wishing to have an affordable and effective driving licence checking system.”

Enterprise rent-a-car

AVP HR UK and Ireland:

“The beauty of Licence Link is the ease of use of their system, and any query you need on a driver it is simply a click away. This definitely is a benefit with over 460 locations and over 4000 drivers nationwide.

The system gives you the control that you need, allowing you to check company drivers and manage risk effectively. It’s completely automated, with notifications eliminating any manual intervention. With eConsent and instant real time checks for new company car drivers, this enables new drivers to be on the road in minutes, rather than days.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has peace of mind knowing that we are managing our Duty of Care responsibilities with Licence Link, as it perfectly supplements our company policy.

We have been in partnership for over 6 years now and their ongoing improvements and communications ensures that we’re up to date latest with industry standards and more.

The Licence Link team are always pleasure to deal with and no problem is too small.”

Northgate Arinso

Team Manager:

“Licence Link has been performing our Driving Licence Checks for over 8 years now.

They provide a reliable delivery of driving licence checks and are very easy to engage with, if we have any questions. Their service has been excellent and very straight forward, which we cannot fault.

Licence Link’s reporting system and portal are excellent and extremely easy to use. I check the portal daily and have never encountered any issues. The risk alerts are straight forward and everything is explained well, in terms that are easy to understand.

We receive outstanding support, with an excellent response time, from the Licence Link team. The staff are very friendly and there is never anything that they can’t assist us with. Their guidance, as we settled into the system, was superb and they are always happy to answer our questions, both big and small. The team really know their system inside out!

We would highly recommend Licence Link.”

The Kings Ferry

Senior Driver Development Officer:

“Prior to using Licence Link, we would run all licence checks by taking a photocopy of the drivers licence and then sending it to the DVLA for the check to take place. We would get back a paper copy of the check from DVLA and then have to manually enter all data onto a spread sheet.

Those days are now long gone, with the ease to check drivers even at interview. It is simple and easy to complete records, all taken care of with the web based system that Licence Link offers.

If at any time help is needed, then a simple email to the team solves the problem, normally within an hour at most.

Licence Link makes life so easy to stay legal, check drivers and get results; even the expiry dates of DQC cards and Digital Tachograph are 1 click away. This system lets you control it and feel safe in the knowledge that you are compliant.

Great Team to deal with and always looking to move forward with the customer needs first.”

Action for Children

Transport Client Services Officer:

“I have found Licence Link to be a valuable system for the use of Action For Children.

The system is easy to navigate around, to add drivers, to upload documents and to do real time checks on. The most important thing it does for our organisation is reduce the administration time, as it automatically does the checking for us over a 3 year period. This saves me having to diarise these checks and keep on top of this. Licence Link takes this away for me and frees up my administration time. I am very grateful to the staff and support that we receive from the team at Pinewood. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and they are always at the end of the phone to deal with urgent checks or errors that I have made. As an organisation we would simply not be able to keep track of all our drivers and their licences without the use of Licence Link and its support.”

Wessex Fleet

Company Director:

“We are a Fleet Management company, nationwide. One of the biggest benefits of the system for us is being able to check any of our customers drivers at any time after giving consent, receiving the results of a check instantly, helping Wessex and all our customers with duty of care requirements.

Before Licence Link, our licence checking process involved endless hours of administration and endless amounts of paper mandates. This service is a lot quicker and is so easy to use, we are looking forward to progressing further with Licence Link in the future.

The service and support we receive from Licence Link is brilliant, there is always someone there to help efficiently with any queries or issues we face.”


Group Insurance Risk Leader:

“Pendragon have been successfully using Licence Link now for over 5 years.

The system perfectly fits Pendragon’s business needs. In that time we have seen the system develop and improve, most notably from paper consent to electronic eConsent, assisting the business with risk control requirement for approximately ten thousand team members.

The support Pendragon Team Leaders receive from Melvin and his team is first rate, responding promptly to general admin requests and building bespoke reports as and when required in addition to the existing custom reports in the system.

Efficiently managing team members driving licences would not be possible without Licence Link and the support of a good administration team ensuring our accounts are maintained accurately and credits kept topped up.

As the system develops further with for example, with Real-time Check and Tacho HGV validation support, the time and efficiency savings provides peace of mind knowing our road risk management is in safe hands.”


Operations Director:

“Tangerine is a driver training company, concentrating on LGV and PCV training.  We have used Licence Link for the past seven years, initially starting with our own trainers and then expanding to include some large London bus operators.  These operators access the system through Tangerine to check driving licence information for all their drivers.  They do checks during the initial interview process and have the results immediately by using the e-consent system.  The information supplied by the Licence Link system is extremely useful and is always up-to-date.  When we first started with Licence Link, the DVLA would only allow completed mandates to be submitted, which although a good system delayed results by 24 hours.  With the e-consent system, results can be had as soon as the driver accepts the email request which the system automatically sends.  Tangerine has over 1600 drivers registered with Licence Link and it is very easy to manage by using the ALERTS screen, which is the default screen on login.  We can also upload other relevant driver information which is extremely useful.  Keeping driver related information in one place is a bonus.  Everything you need to use the system is available when you log in and they are always available on the phone if you need assistance.

Licence Link is an extremely useful and necessary system which allows us to maintain our ‘duty of care’ and keeps us informed on such things as when licence categories are due to expire, when photocards are due for renewal, when endorsements were gained, the reason for these endorsements and when they are due to expire.  With the introduction of a facility to check Driver CPC and tachograph expiry dates, the system took a giant leap forward.  We get a monthly report on the position with all drivers, which brings to our attention any problems and lets us know how many checks were made that month.”

Blue Square

Fleet Manager:

“We have been working with Licence Link for over five years and would recommend them for their licence checking service.  Their automatic renewals system saves us and our drivers time.

Monthly analysis and update emails are sent, so you are always in the loop. Their online portal is comprehensive and simple to use with easy to run reports – such a benefit as we have a large fleet to run.  When we needed to amend all our data to new reference numbers, it was applied for us without delay.  For both cost and usability, they offer a great service.”

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