The Licence Link Application Programming Interface (API).

Licence Link the online Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho Card checking service can be accessed by web sites or software systems through the Licence Link Application Programming Interface (API).

The service is already being used by many businesses and organisations within both the public and private sectors. Testimonials show just how well it is received. Having provided driving licence checking via the DVLA for a decade and being an ADLV approved operator, the service is also available to use and be offered from within other branded products.

What is an Application Programming Interface (API)?

The term sounds complicated but it is not. It just needs to be explained in a general way so that those of us who are non-technical can gain an understanding and the technical types amongst us, but have little experience of an API, can become aware of what an API is.

Using the scenario of ordering a meal when seated in a restaurant and relating the terms to the people in the restaurant:

  • The Customer is the Application (A web site or software program).
  • The Server is the API.
  • The Chef is the Service.

The customer, speaking to the Server orders a meal. The Server understands and forwards the request to the chef in terms the chef understands. The chef informs the Server that the meal is ready. The Server then returns the requested meal to the customer.

In slightly more technical terms then, an application sends a request in a specified data format to an interface that is programmed to accept it. The interface then interprets the data and sends the data onwards in a specified format to a service. The service then responds back to the interface which in turn responds back to the application.

What are the benefits of an API?

In comparison to ‘White Labelling’ where an existing web site or software service is simply rebranded, an API allows businesses to incorporate an additional product into their own.

Interfacing to an existing long-standing and reliable service will add kudos to existing solution portfolios especially where a business offers a suite of services delivered in an outsourcing solution.

The API and service are already developed, the expertise and skills are provided remotely and so too are the costs and maintenance involved.

What are the benefits of the Licence Link API?

There are no development or infrastructure costs involved for the service. No ongoing costs for further enhancement or legislative change development.

Licence Link, the API and all of the above are provided by Pinewood Technologies PLC. Pinewood’s credentials come accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, is a Gold Microsoft Partner and an ADLV Approved Operator.

A HR Department can use the API to add the service to an existing or proposed HR web site or software solution.

Businesses can use the API to add another facility to their products or offerings in order to increase capabilities, profitability and competitiveness within their own particular business sector.

The benefits in conclusion.
Cost Savings.

Adding to an existing portfolio of products or even setting up something new but without the costs involved in the start-up is a fantastic opportunity.

Time Saving and Efficiency.

When incorporated into HR, Fleet or any system, the service will enhance and speed up the process of ensuring that drivers are legally entitled and safe to drive vehicles leased, provided or related to their vocational role.

Secure and Accurate Data.

Access to Licence Link using the API, enables businesses and organisations to offer their own efficient, accurate and secure online driving licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service.

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