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The Importance of Up To Date Information.

Being able to anticipate critical events and proactively take action in order to limit any potential risk associated with those events, requires information that is authentic, accurate and up to date. When lacking information exhibiting these three attributes, analysis and reporting will be unreliable.

Technology has provided the means to be able to store massive amounts of data. Tools have been developed that provide the functionality to organise, sort, interrogate and query this data. All kinds of analysis can be done in order to discover trends, patterns, behaviour and preferences. Importantly it can be used to predict and alert. But such powerful databases and toolsets become useless if the data is defective or neglected.


Data can be obtained from many sources. Understanding where the data is sourced from and supplied is essential in the authentication process. Data that is entered manually can be validated at point of entry. Data that is provided electronically can be subject to validation processes that will accept or reject each transaction or data line. These are coded mechanisms. But looking further into the credentials of the supplier can also provide confidence that the data presented is dependable.

Using Licence Link, the online driving licence, DQC and Tacho cards checking service, for example, there are two aspects that meet the authentic criteria. The business behind the Licence Link product and service. Pinewood Technologies PLC is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited. Licence Link uses the DVLA’s Access to Driver Data (ADD) service for checking and validating drivers entitlements to drive.


Firstly, data that is exact make analysis for informed decisions so much easier to obtain. However, understanding the importance of ensuring that it is also processed and reported on correctly is the second stage of data accuracy. Good data badly processed and reported on is the same as bad data being used by good reporting processes. Therefore the method or systems used for storage and processing must also be as reliable and trustworthy as the data depository.

When it comes to driving licence checking as a legal obligation for duty of care requirements, having the right tool for the job, providing useful reporting and accurate alerts, reduces the levels of risk that could be otherwise experienced. Having a trusted system and data means that drivers at risk due to point escalation, licence expiry, DQC or Tacho expiry, can easily be identified and acted upon. Licence Link, although fully automated accessing DVLA data is a responsive proactive toolset. Alerting the user of critical events or actions required in an easy to understand and accurate format.

Up To Date

Out of date data is as useful as an out of date driving licence. Unless data is kept fresh and current any reporting or query becomes questionable. Up to date driver information is a major asset to a business or organisation involved in transport or company car provision. It is a powerful tool in the fight against risk and ensuring legality compliance.

With the advent of the DVLA’s ADD service, eConsent and real-time driving licence checking a driver can be assessed immediately before being put into a vehicle. Backed up with overnight batch frequency licence checking, ongoing validation of drivers entitlements to drive is achieved with full and up to date driver information.

Pinewood Technologies PLC, accredited to use the services and data of the DVLA is a longstanding member of the ADLV. The Licence Link product and service delivers authentic, accurate and up to date information. With reporting and alerts as standard, it is a product and service that continues to promote and exercise best practice for all driving for work and company car duty of care requirements.

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