The GDPR, Driving Licence Checking and the Benefits of Licence Link.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had a huge impact on employers with employed drivers when implemented by the DVLA on the 25th May 2018. On the same day, Licence Link, the online Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service deployed all of the GDPR requisites. This benefitted their clients tremendously. What other beneficial features does Licence Link provide?

It is always a good practice to reflect upon how best to improve efficiencies and working practices. Getting the best out of a software solution necessitates keeping up with the improved services that it offers. With the introduction of the GDPR Licence Link introduced features that made the transition to the new legislation less burdensome, but also enabled clients to improve ongoing efficiencies with enhanced features for CPC and Tacho detail interrogation, linking driver associations, and faster more effective driver approval.

Driver CPC and Tacho

Licence Link offers a three in one service. Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card checking with no additional cost for CPC and Tacho details where required. This has been a huge benefit since the DVLA introduced access to the additional data. In order to improve and enhance the user experience for businesses and organisations that employ vocational drivers, Licence Link enables the user to export the Certificate of Professional Competence and Tachograph card information data, for interrogation or to import into a Fleet or HR application.

Driver Association

Understanding that company car drivers can also nominate non-employee drivers; spouse/partner/children, Licence Link has an enhanced and easy to use driver association feature. Being able to associate non-employee drivers to employed drivers easily ensures that there is no risk of keeping personal data on the system when the employee leaves the business or stops driving a company vehicle. Under GDPR rules personal details cannot remain on the system where driver approval for licence checking is removed.

But fully utilising this feature means that all drivers of company vehicles, employed or not can be licence checked and identified. For HR or the Fleet Manager, this reduces further risk exposure. This is especially beneficial when it comes to renewing the group insurance policy cost-effectively; action can be taken where a driver could jeopardise the policy terms and conditions with unacceptable endorsements and offences.

Driver Approval

The DVLA allows for two methods of driver approval for driving licence checking. The driver can fill in, date and sign a mandate form or the driver can approve electronically. Licence Link made all of the changes that the DVLA required for the introduction of the GDPR, allowing for both a mandate form to be uploaded to the system or for the system to request driver approval using the electronic feature.

Licence Link encourages the use of the electronic declaration feature due to the speed of obtaining driver approval. Once adopted there is no administrative need for sending out paper mandate forms, scanning and uploading. The electronic declaration can be expedited immediately upon loading a driver onto the Licence Link system, it automatically alerts the driver with an approval request without the need for administrative intervention.


With the three for one check, ongoing legislative changes and with valuable features, Licence Link provides exceptional service. Clients using Licence Link experience huge benefits with features that improve efficiencies without any additional cost. The service with all of its advantages is totally free. The only charge is for the Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card check.

The feature-rich service, already an enormously useful asset for Licence Link’s existing clients, offers the very same service to those businesses, organisations and public authorities looking for a Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho checking solution. It certainly is well worth considering the track record of Licence Link with all of the many benefits and cost savings that the service can offer.

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