Reflection – Pointing the Way Ahead.

Taking a moment to reflect on all of the changes that have taken place during the past year can point the way ahead for changes for the new. Licence Link introduced exciting new improvements to its service in 2019. Let’s take a review of the year and then see where 2020 will lead us.

The three in one licence checking service, Driving Licence, Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and Digital Tachograph cards directly with the DVLA already provided a huge benefit for clients using Licence Link. Adding free of charge value whenever the DVLA provided additional features has proved to be a major contributor to the success of the service. The other major contributor being changes and enhancements driven by the desire for better and speedier efficiencies.

The beginning of 2019 was still experiencing the effects of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Those involved in establishing the entitlements of drivers continued to struggle with trying to catch up with the ending of driver consent and the requirement to obtain driver approval under the new rules.

Licence Link had its electronic declaration process in place in order to provide a more efficient and speedier process than that provided by the issuing of the paper form mandate. During 2019 this was further improved with the functionality of automatically sending the electronic declaration, easing administrative involvement. This massively contributed to the success of clients in their continuing conformance to duty of care requirements.

The addition of driver association processing introduced the same benefits for the licence holder’s spouse, partner or children. This also further improves the elimination of personal data under the GDPR rules where approval becomes void due to its removal, the data of any associated drivers is also deleted.

With electronic declaration automatically sent for driver approval, Licence Link then provided automatic driver licence checking as soon as the driver gives approval to the request. Licence details are returned from the DVLA in real time. Both the automatic electronic declaration and automatic licence check functionality are easily set up. Clients currently benefitting from the options have eliminated many of the administrative tasks involved in licence checking and have vastly increased the speed at which a driver can be allocated to drive and continue to drive a provided vehicle.

Continuing with the constantly improved service, the Application Programming Interface (API) was made available for clients that require the service to be accessed by their own web sites or software services. The API gives access to all of the ongoing benefits of the Licence Link service. As discussed in the article ‘The Licence Link Application Programming Interface (API)’, the service can be added to an existing portfolio of products or for a brand new business without the costs of development or maintenance. Further, the article explains that if incorporated into an existing HR, Fleet or other systems, it will add efficiencies and speed to the processing of ensuring that drivers are legally entitled and safe to drive vehicles leased, provided or related to their vocational role.

With this reflection in mind, it is clear that clients using the service are always open to change. The positive aspects of the improving cloud based service and the planned further developments point the way ahead for those that require or wish to change to a premium driving licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service in 2020 and beyond.

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