Pinewood Technologies PLC and the ADLV.

Pinewood Technologies PLC, the provider, administrator and developer of Licence Link, the online licence checking service, became a member of the Association for Driving Licence Verification ADLV in 2014. Pinewood, a Microsoft Partner with multiple accreditations and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 concerning Quality Management and Information Security was keen to be involved and be a forefront member of the ADLV. So what does this mean for Pinewood and Pinewood’s customers?

The ADLV’s membership ethos, as stated on their website is to:

continue to maintain and improve the current high standards already achieved, and bring impeccable knowledge and understanding of the complexities industry face when allowing employees or workers to drive on company business.

This echoes the principles held at Pinewood, where understanding customers’ requirements. setting high standards for quality, security and service dominate the processes and procedures of the business.

But becoming a member of the ADLV is taken very seriously, indeed the requirements of membership involve meeting a minimum standard of entry and the applicant must already be under contract with the DVLA Data Sharing Team.

Becoming an ADLV Approved Operator of licence checking using the DVLA’s Access to Driver Data (ADD) service requires members to follow the ADLV’s Code of Practice. It is detailed and aims to define best practice for all members of the association. It covers such topics as Compliance with the Code and Audit, Data Protection and Confidentiality, effectively reiterating rules within the DVLA’s expectations of Data Governance and Contract Compliance, where every business under contract with the DVLA has to prove and show evidence of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Association, being a trade body, representing the membership when dealing with the DVLA, provides a relationship with the DVLA where changes or additional requirements or enhancements are added to the ADD service. For example, already under discussion is the online processing for the Driver and Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland (DVANI) data and the extension of the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) data. All of this will increase the real-time data that will be available from the DVLA to Pinewood and Pinewood’s customers.

Of course, recent benefits of being an Approved Operator, have been the communications and discussions regarding the DVLA’s change over from the overnight Electronic Driver Entitlement Checking Service (EDECS) to the real-time Access to Driver Data (ADD) service, the time and administration saving of eConsent, CPC and Tacho card expiry data. Being privy to these developments means that Pinewood can develop Licence Link, so that it is ready on day one, to provide the additional benefits to Pinewood’s customers, ensuring a smooth and well-communicated transition.

The benefits of being an Approved Operator and member of the ADLV for Pinewood are significant. The ongoing updates from the industry and from the DVLA regarding increased real-time data. Being made aware of new or changed processes, procedures and legislation, the GDPR for example, means that the Licence Link product and service can be constantly improved, enhanced and made ready.

The benefits to Pinewood’s customers are just as exciting, where there are constant improvements to the Licence Link product and service. Increased data availability with time and administration savings. But also knowing that the service Pinewood supplies will always be up to date and legislatively compliant.

With big changes ahead that effects everyone involved with personal data, being a member and an Approved Operator of the ADLV, alongside the other certifications that Pinewood has, should provide all users of Licence Link with confidence and assurance when using the service, knowing that their drivers’ data is securely accessed and kept safe.

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