Local Authorities and Protecting the Public.

Until recently Local Authorities were able to check driving licences using the DVLA’s Driving Licence Checking (DLC) service. This was decommissioned on the 1st of December 2018. With responsibilities for many services that involve the use of vehicles this online service was essential in order to ensure that drivers were licenced, entitled and above all safe to perform their driving duties.

Services such as Waste Collection, Social Care, Fire and Public safety and the licencing of drivers of hackney carriage and private hire vehicles, for example, have to continue. So too is the legal obligation to reduce and remove identified risk from any duty that involves the use of a local authority vehicle or a vehicle that has been licenced for hire.

In order to help with the replacement of the DLC and the procurement process, Licence Link, the online Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho Cards checking service, with a track record with existing Public and Local Authorities, can ease the transition from DLC to a service that offers so much more.

The DLC System.

The online Driving Licence Checking service enabled local authority officers to check individual driving licences in real time, with accessibility 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The driver’s consent was required before any check could be done and consent was valid for three years. A fee was paid for each check and in return, the licence details including entitlements and endorsements of the licence holder could be accessed.

The Legislation.

Licence Link promotes the ‘The Four Principles’ when asked why is it necessary to check driving licences. Each principle relates to an aspect of legislation that is recommended to be adhered to. The ‘Duty to Protect’ relates to The Health and Safety at Work Act, ‘Avoidance of Danger’ relates to Road Vehicles Regulations, ‘Licensed to Drive’ relates to the Road Traffic Act and ‘Liability Awareness’ relates to the laws governing corporate obligations.

It is interesting that the ‘The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976’ uses the term ‘fit and proper’ in respect to an applicant for a taxi licence. In the interest of any driving activity for work purposes, this is an excellent benchmark to consider.

The Solution.

The replacement of the DLC system need not be an onerous task. Many organisations and companies including the Public Sector and Local Authorities have found the answer to their Duty of Care licence checking obligations in Licence Link. The service offers:

  • Frequency and real time checking.
  • One price for three checks, Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card.
  • Electronic Declaration.
  • No upfront costs involved, just a single price per check.
  • No implementation requirements just set up an account.
  • Automatic Alerts for upcoming tasks.
  • Developed and administered by Pinewood Technologies plc.
  • Accredited with ISO 9001 and 27001.
  • A Gold Microsoft Partner.
  • A member of the ADLV.

The function rich and ease of use Licence Link service is a worthy successor to the decommissioned DLC service. It has a reputation of being a robust, cost effective and an efficient Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service, experienced with the needs of reducing risk, protecting the public and serving Local and Public Authorities.

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