Licence Link is supporting businesses as restrictions change

Businesses need to be more flexible than ever with the changing restrictions and tools like Licence Link are helping relieve some of the mounting pressures in administration. Licence Link provide fast and easy driving licence, DQC and Tacho card checks, helping to fulfil the duty of care requirements faced by HR and Fleet Managers.

Coinciding with the early stages of the pandemic, Licence Link introduced a new API for NHS Fleet Solutions – which is now also available to all businesses – vastly speeding up the licence checking process for key workers and eliminating rekeying between systems.

A representative of NHS Fleet Solutions shared how the API has been beneficial:

“During COVID-19, our NHS teams and key workers have worked tirelessly around the clock. Licence Link made it simple for us to check and manage the driving licences from public sector employees applying for lease cars.”

In addition to saving time, Licence Link notifies businesses when they are running short of credits for checks – enabling them to order credits upfront and preventing the risk of missed checks. Moreover, all historic checks are quickly accessible in Licence Link’s reporting suite and the system makes it easy to manage drivers with customisable reports (such as those who share a car with a partner or spouse). Users can group drivers by type, such as high and low risk, or LCV and HGV – adapting to the needs of the business.

The question may come to mind whether it is better to check licences for free with GOV.UK. However, Licence Link works with the DVLA to speed up the checking process, allowing businesses to check drivers in bulk, as well as schedule your checks, but your results are also returned in no-time.

Licence Link also assists businesses with changing social distancing requirements, namely through their eDeclarations feature, which allows drivers to provide approval by eSignature – the entire process taking just moments and completely contact-free.

The benefits of Licence Link are substantial, saving valuable hours and reducing the risk of missed checks – with costly consequences. HR Managers can stay focused, rather than individually managing potentially hundreds of checks, accessing the tools and reports they need in a matter of minutes. Compliance is no longer a chore with Licence Link.

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