Fleets are making light work of driver licence checking

Handling driver compliance can be a chore, taking up valuable time from HR and Fleet Managers. However, businesses that usually manage their driver checks manually with the DVLA can save a significant amount of time with an automated licence checking tool, taking away the hassle of managing potentially hundreds of driver checks – with results returned in real-time.

Licence Link goes beyond simply supplying driver checks – it offers useful tools to help businesses reduce risk and comply with the law, including:

Managing Driver Transfers

For businesses with multiple branches, drivers can be managed seamlessly. There’s no need to delete or recreate drivers that work across multiple sites – saving on cost and admin time. Once the driver signs an eDeclaration, their licence can be checked for the next three years without needing permission for each individual check.

This is explained further by Enterprise-Rent-a-Car –

“With eDeclarations and instant real-time checks, new drivers can be on the road in minutes, rather than days. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has peace of mind knowing that we are managing our Duty of Care responsibilities with Licence Link.”

Handling Associated Drivers

For employees that share a company car with a partner or spouse, it’s important to check the status of both drivers. Any endorsements could potentially invalidate their insurance policy. With Licence Link, employers can track both records as one, and should the employee leave, any linked drivers are automatically removed.

When handling checks manually, the employer would double their workload – needing to gain approval for both the employee and spouse for every check. This would typically be on a six-monthly basis, or more frequently for high-risk drivers. For fleets with potentially hundreds of drivers, Licence Link reduces the risk and time involved significantly.

Insufficient Credit Alerts

Credits for checks can be ordered upfront with Licence Link and when running short, the system notifies businesses to re-order, preventing the risk of missed checks.

In comparison, managing licence checks in-house requires repeatedly keying in driver details to the .GOV site. It’s slower, less secure, and inefficient – especially for last minute checks or maintaining high-risk drivers.

Frequency Groups

All historic checks are quickly accessible in Licence Link’s reporting suite. The system makes it easy to manage drivers with customisable reports. Users can group drivers by type, such as high and low risk, or LCV and HGV – adapting to the needs of the business.

For businesses managing this in-house, driver checks must be recorded and maintained manually – including adapting the frequency of checks for each driver type. If this time-consuming task isn’t handled carefully, missed checks can result in hefty fines.

The system gives you the control that you need, allowing you to check company drivers and manage risk effectively. It’s completely automated, with notifications eliminating any manual intervention. This definitely is a benefit with over 460 locations and over 4,000 drivers nationwide.” – explains customer, Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

How Can Businesses Seriously Save?

The benefits of Licence Link are substantial, saving valuable hours and reducing the risk of missed checks – with costly consequences. HR Managers can stay focused, rather than individually managing hundreds of checks, accessing the tools and reports they need in a matter of clicks. Compliance is no longer a chore with Licence Link.

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