Electronic Driver Approval For Driving Licence Checking.

The responsibility of ensuring that a driver is entitled and safe to drive on behalf of their employer lies squarely with the employer. However, in order to check a driving licence with the DVLA, the holder must give their approval. With Licence Link’s electronic declaration feature, approval can be obtained with very little administration and time.

Imagine having a thousand employed drivers. Getting approval from all drivers for driving licence checking would then seem a hugely daunting task. Where do you begin? Is there enough time in the day to get to grips with this additional duty? But what would you say if you were told that it could be accomplished in less than a month with little impact on normal day to day administrative duties?

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, all previous driver mandates giving consent to Driving Licence checking were invalidated. This occurred after a three month grace period from May 2018. This has led to a large backlog where drivers have yet to now give approval under the GDPR. Some organisations have been overwhelmed by the task. Especially where the employer has decided to issue new hard copy mandates with all of the administration that it involves.

A comparison of two companies, each with upwards of a 1000 employed drivers can demonstrate that the task does not have to be onerous.

The first company decided to gain driver approval by issuing hard copy mandates as and when time allowed. The mandates being sent out to the drivers to complete, sign and date them. Often times the mandate has to be re-issued due to an entered error. It can be a very time-consuming activity. The first company has yet to receive all of the driver approvals required.

The second company was able to complete the renewal of approvals in just one month simply using the electronic declaration functionality included in Licence Link the online Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service. The driver simply approves an automatically sent request. No form filling, no signature and date requiring no validation. All that is required is the input of a few essential details; licence number, Post Code etc.

The first company is still unable to do regular frequency checks on all of their drivers in order to ensure the drivers are entitled and safe to drive. At the same time, this exposes the company to increased risk in the event of accidents and driving offences where a driver may have ceased to be entitled to drive. The knock on effect could be increased insurance costs and damage to the company’s reputation.

The second company, with completed electronic driver approval, are able to continue with their necessary duty of care requirements. With up to date electronic declarations, Licence Link is frequency checking their Driving Licence, CPC and Tacho cards, providing real-time checking where required and alerting the company to any driver risk or future required action.

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