Do future drivers fit the bill beyond their CV?

Good fit for the team? Got the right qualifications and experience? Questions like this are commonly asked when interviewing. Although… did you check their driving licence? According to Licence Link, employers often overlook driving licence checks during the interview process. This can result in costly consequences – including having to rehire, putting other road users at risk, facing a drop in productivity due to driver downtime, and even breaking the law.

Fleet and HR Managers should take precautions when hiring to save time and money. They can do this by incorporating licence checks into their recruitment process, ideally before offering a job. Candidates may hold back information if not asked to take a licence check, and if an employee commits a driving offence whilst holding a critical level of points, this can incur serious consequences for the business. As an employer, it’s within the duty of care to ensure every driver is regularly checked, to prevent such eventualities.

As a starting point, employers should refer to their insurance policy. It’s often outlined that drivers within the fleet mustn’t exceed a certain level of points, in order to be covered by the policy. Failing to check the status of new employees’ licences could have implications on their cover. Inevitably, this means that if an employer sends out an uninsured driver – knowingly or unknowingly – they’d be held liable. Not only would they be breaking the law but this would also invalidate their policy, leaving them responsible for any damages caused in the event of an accident.

In addition, employers must also determine that candidates have the right licence for the role. If the fleet requires the applicant to drive a Category C vehicle, it’s key they have the correct licence. If not checked and the candidate is only qualified for a C1 licence, for example, they would not legally be qualified to carry out the role. A simple mistake but easy to prevent with the right tools! Melvin Jeffers, Head of Licence Link explains:

“It’s your duty as a business to ensure all drivers have a valid licence, right for the job. Regardless of the CV or candidate, checking their licence beforehand safeguards your business. Why risk the consequences when each check costs less than a coffee?” 

Licence Link helps businesses to stay on top of compliance with results returned in real-time, making it a fast, digital process:

It saves time and provides the relevant information we need to fulfil roles successfully and efficiently” explains Licence Link customer, Cheshire West & Chester Borough Council.

In short, regular licence checking should be included as part of the hiring process. Licence Link automates the process, removing the need for any manual intervention or scheduling – so there really is no excuse for non-compliance. You wouldn’t buy a dangerous car so why hire someone who puts your business at risk? It’s a small price to pay!

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