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Dedicated Versus Outsourced Services.

Outsourcing aspects of a business’s regular tasks are perceived to be a way of reducing cost, time and administration. On the surface, it seems to offer several advantages over in-house activities. But there can be aspects of risk associated with the concept. Where an outsourcing package bundles in inclusive Driving Licence Checking, how dedicated will that indirect service be?

Contracting an external business to supply previously in-sourced services is a recognised business practice. Taking shape during the 1990s this business strategy offered companies the opportunity to streamline and re-focus existing resources on the core business purpose. Releasing departments from administrative duties is seen to be an effective way of cost-cutting, reducing overhead costs including equipment, personnel, services and software. But over time disadvantages can be experienced where previously dedicated services can become somewhat diluted in the process.

There is no doubt that outsourcing can have its benefits, especially for small to medium businesses that could find it very expensive to maintain departments for legal, human resource or accounting purposes. Having these aspects of the business managed and processed elsewhere can be the difference between success or failure. With the ever increasing legislation for the protection of personal data, it is incumbent for all businesses to ensure that a breach does not end up in terminating the business.

But when it comes to ensuring that drivers are entitled and safe to drive on behalf of a business, serious considerations need to be made in order to ensure that if outsourced as part of a package, that the service does not carry with it any underlying risk. Questions should be asked; How fast will a driver be validated before being allowed to drive? Is the additional cost of checking driving licences inflating the overall cost of the outsourced service? Where there are invalid mandates, unknown or incorrect licences are immediate alerts provided? Does the service carry with it any personal data loss risk? Would it be better to use a dedicated and direct licence checking service such as Licence Link?

Businesses and organisations ranging from small to very large are using the service provided by Licence Link. The dedicated and direct service has been of benefit to Licence Link clients. There is no delay in validating Mandates, speedier with e-Declaration allowing for drivers to email their approval instead of completing a Mandate. There is an instant real-time check available for urgent checks along with the regular frequency checking automatic daily transmission to the DVLA.

The Licence Link Administrators are available to discuss any issues that can arise and deal with returned licence check errors immediately. This kind of recognised and dedicated service is currently looking after upwards of a hundred thousand active drivers, ensuring that their employers are constantly updated with alerts and vital information. Statistically helping to ensure that of those drivers there are only 3.5% with 9 or more points that require active attention in order to ensure they do not lose their entitlement to drive.

It makes absolute sense to existing users of Licence Link to continue with the service, even if other aspects of the businesses are already absorbed by an outsourced service or being considered. So the outlook for outsourcing can remain an interesting strategy but only where there is not such a fundamental duty of care requirement for keeping the risk of allowing employees to drive company vehicles low. The service offered by Licence Link is premium but without a premium or inflated cost, always dedicated and always direct.

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