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Dealer Groups Save Hours with Real-Time Checks

Car dealer groups, often employing up to 100 employees per branch, must regularly check their employees’ driving licences. With a large percentage of dealership staff required to test-drive or manoeuvre stock, deliver courtesy vehicles, or even re-fuel, they must have a valid licence.

With the current chip crisis affecting new vehicle supply (and sales), it’s critical that automotive groups minimise hassle, cost, and delays elsewhere, in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Using an automated licence checking tool like Licence Link is a significant time-saver – enabling dealers to get staff to get behind the wheel quickly and safely. Will Blackshaw, Managing Director at Blackshaws explains –

“As a dealership, Licence Link really helps us. We’ve got many staff members who drive – especially in a workshop environment, with multiple technicians driving customers’ cars. It’s absolutely paramount that they are being driven legally and within our insurance parameters.

Our insurance company like to see the reports, it helps reduce our premium – everyone enjoys a reduction in their premiums! And obviously, we need to have the confidence that our drivers are compliant and legal.”

Why Must Dealers Check their Team Members’ Licences?

Dealers that fail to check their employees’ licences risk severe consequences – from legal action to fines to invalidated insurance policies. If staff are caught with excess endorsements or disqualifications, it could cost the business thousands.

For a small cost per check (less than a high-street cappuccino), dealers can be certain that every driver in their business complies. Even in a small or family-owned business, employers should not rely solely on the trust and discretion of their staff. Even a loyal employee may unknowingly attain points, resulting in the employer being held liable. It’s quick, easy, and secure to run checks with a tool like Licence Link, and all data is quickly accessible via their handy reporting suite.

“Licence Link is very easy to use. Frighteningly, it identified quite a few concerns and issues that staff weren’t aware of, with licence expiries coming up. For any new driver, we put their information in the system and get a check done. In seconds, we know what their status is from a driving compliance point of view. It works really well and it’s so simple” – explains Blackshaw.

Benefits of Regular Licence Checks

Following the pandemic, most dealers have digitalised their processes. As a result, they were able to reduce paperwork, increase data security, and boost convenience. Licence Link falls perfectly in line with these new standards, offering a fully digital permissions process. Dealers gain digital approval to check their team’s licences via a simple email link, with permission that lasts three years. This streamlines the outdated manual process to alleviate delays, and consequently save hours for HR teams.

Multi-site groups can easily manage driver transfers with Licence Link. Similarly, systems that offer multi-branch reporting provide an overview of every driver and branch, so management can maintain complete control when handling compliance.

In short, dealer groups see substantial benefits when using an automated licence checking tool, freeing up time and providing assurance. To find out more about the benefits of licence checking, get in touch today.

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