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Driving licence checking doesn’t have to be a headache

Handling driving licence checking can be a chore, taking up valuable time from HR and Fleet Managers. Businesses that manage driver checks manually waste a significant amount of time (and subsequently, money). That’s where Licence Link comes in! HR teams can manage hundreds of drivers at once, with results returned in real-time. It’s a no brainer.

Licence Link makes it easy for employers to keep track of every driver in the business. The system is intuitive and has a range of useful tools to help businesses in every sector comply. Alongside Driver, CPC and Tacho checking, Licence Link includes features to help with:

Managing Driver Transfers

Businesses with employees that work (or transfer) between branches can manage their teams seamlessly in Licence Link.

There’s no need to delete or recreate drivers. Records are accessible across all branches, to provide total visibility. This saves on cost and admin time.

Licence Link sends each driver a digital approval. Once signed, any branch can run a licence check on the driver for the next three years. This is simple to set up within the systems permissions.

This is explained by Leigh Lafever-Ayer, AVP HR UK and Ireland at Enterprise-Rent-a-Car:

“With digital approvals and instant real-time checks, new drivers can be on the road in minutes, rather than days. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has peace of mind knowing that we are managing our Duty of Care responsibilities with Licence Link.”

Handling Associated Drivers

If employees share their company car with a partner or spouse, the business is responsible for checking both drivers’ records.

Any endorsements could potentially invalidate the business’s insurance policy. With Licence Link, employers can track both records as one, seamlessly. The system automatically deletes any associated drivers, if the employee leaves, to comply with GDPR.

Licence Link removes the time involved when processing and maintaining associated drivers. This includes regaining approval, as both employee and partner can be prompted at once, plus automating the checking routine. Here, both employees and partners can be automatically checked on a recurring basis – based on the risk they pose.

For example, drivers with 6+ points who pose a high risk can be checked bi-annually, and lower-risk drivers annually. Once set up, Licence Link automates the entire process, with minimal human intervention required.

For fleets with potentially hundreds of drivers, Licence Link reduces the risk and time involved significantly.

Insufficient Credit Alerts

In Licence Link, users can order credits upfront to pay for their driving licence checking needs, on mass. The system notifies users when these are running short, allowing the business to re-order. This prevents the risk of missed checks and saves hours of inputting details for each individual driver.

In comparison, managing licence checks manually is slower, less secure and runs the risk of human error.

Frequency Groups

Licence Link is completely adaptable to the business needs. Users can categorise employees – such as by risk, or vehicle category. This makes it easy to filter the built-in reports in the system, or when scheduling checks, saving hours of unnecessary admin.

Users can simply set up automated alerts and schedule checks in advance, based on how frequently they wish to check each category. This eliminates the risk of missed checks (and unidentified endorsements), along with the hefty fines which would result.

Businesses managing this process manually must keep their own record of all driver checks – an arduous task. They refer to spreadsheets and paperwork to calculate how often each driver needs to be checked, then must remember to do so.

The system gives you the control that you need, allowing you to check company drivers and manage risk effectively. It’s completely automated, with notifications eliminating any manual intervention. This definitely is a benefit with over 460 locations and over 4,000 drivers nationwide.” – explains Lafever-Ayer at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Built-in Reports 

Licence Link’s reporting suite provides access to historic checks in just moments. It’s easy to manage drivers, with access to real-time results, customisable reports, and automated scheduling. These factors remove hours of hassle, associated with manually managing driver checks.

How Can Businesses Seriously Save?

The benefits of Licence Link’s driving licence checking services are substantial. Businesses can easily meet their Duty of Care requirements, whilst avoiding the costly consequences of non-compliance. HR Managers can focus on adding value in their role, rather than co-ordinating hundreds of drivers, separately. The tools and reports they need are available at their fingertips in a matter of clicks.

See how Licence Link can benefit your fleet business today.

Contactless licence checks prevent COVID spread

As COVID-19 restrictions tighten, businesses are being urged to further implement precautionary measures, minimising risk in the workplace. Licence Link provides a contactless driver licence checking service, enabling Fleet Managers/ HR to safely check drivers’ records for penalties or disqualifications, removing the need to handle any paperwork which could potentially carry the virus. Licence Link can also be used to check CPC and digital tachograph cards, all in line with DVLA standards.

“It’s easy, an electronic declaration can be sent straight to the driver to digitally sign and approve their licence check. There’s no need for a physical signature, avoiding any unnecessary interaction. Since GDPR was introduced, it’s vital to get approval to look up a licence with the DVLA and we wanted to make sure that Licence Link does all of the hard work for you.” Says Melvin Jeffers, Sales & Customer Relations Leader for Licence Link.

Upon gaining approval, Licence Link returns the drivers’ record to the Fleet Manager in real-time, providing a fast and effective digital response. By switching to paperless permission, the entire process is quicker than ever before, so drivers can get out on the road with minimal disruption, whilst Fleet Managers/ HR can ensure drivers are compliant.

Licence Link user Andy Bealing, Fleet Manager at Exeter City Council explains how adopting a digital process has been essential during lockdown:

“Here at Exeter City Council, we have a large fleet of drivers that have been working throughout the COVID crisis, including Civil Enforcement Officers who’ve been delivering welfare packages to the vulnerable in our community. Thanks to Licence Link, we can keep on top of all driver licences, CPC and Digital Tachograph Cards. Their digital checking service allows us to provide a safe and efficient service to our community, making sure we are compliant with the DVLA at all times. Licence Link has removed a number of administrative duties which has allowed more time for other tasks to be carried out.”

Licence Link are an ADLV member (Association for Driving Licence Verification), and all data is held securely and compliant with the strictest ISO 27001 guidelines which constantly protects businesses and their drivers.

With restrictions only likely to heighten and the festive season likely to see increased demand for deliveries, now is the ideal time for businesses to prepare, ensuring their drivers are compliant and ready to go with Licence Link!

The Licence Link Application Programming Interface (API)

Licence Link’s real-time licence checking service is now more accessible than ever. Using their Application Programming Interface (API), customers can now access fast, hassle-free licence checks directly from their own website or other software systems.

The API enhances and speeds up the process of ensuring that drivers are legally entitled and safe to drive vehicles leased, provided or related to their vocational role.

Customers can now integrate Licence Link’s real-time checking service into other branded products, enabling them to add licence checking to their service portfolio. The API is already being used by customers in both the public and private sectors, bringing positive feedback, whilst allowing customers to boost revenue as a result. This is seamlessly managed via the API.

What are the benefits of the Licence Link API for customers?

  • They can easily incorporate licence checking into their own product or systems
  • Extend their service portfolio to attract new business, boost revenue and increase competitiveness
  • A cost-effective way to better meet customer needs
  • No expertise, development or infrastructure cost is required
  • No ongoing costs for updates, legislative changes or development – it’s all handled by Licence Link
  • Can rely on Licence Link for secure, accurate data

Licence Link, the API and all of the above benefits are provided by Pinewood Technologies PLC – an ADLV Approved Operator, Microsoft Gold Partner and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, so customers can be sure their data is protected.

Streamline Driver Checks with Digital Approvals

It’s down to the employer to ensure every driver is safe and qualified to be out on the road – a lengthy process if handled manually. Licence Link cuts the time and administration out of the process – saving hours for HR teams.

To check a driving licence with the DVLA, the holder must give their approval. Fleets employing tens, or hundreds of drivers face the daunting task of gaining every driver’s consent, in order to comply with the law. Not only must they do this, but they require renewal every 3 years since the introduction of GDPR.

Digital Approvals:

In order to simplify this potentially mammoth task, Licence Link has digitalised the approvals process. Now, the HR team can electronically request drivers permission by sending a digital form, straight from Licence Link. It takes just moments for the driver to review, approve, and return the form – which they can do so straight from their phone, streamlining the process.

This alleviates the need for paper mandates, reduces the delay for a response, and has removed a serious amount of admin from the task, freeing up time for HR staff to focus elsewhere.

Once approval has been acquired, this lasts for 3 years. Licence Link enables employers to schedule frequent, automatic checks on drivers during this period to identify any new endorsements, penalty points or exclusions. Ultimately, identifying these in advance reduces the likelihood of getting caught out – which could result in the invalidation of insurance policies, fines or damage to the company’s reputation.

With serious consequences resulting from non-compliance, the digital approvals process in Licence Link has taken the pressure off of HR teams. It offers a fast, reliable and simple solution to help maintain their duty of care responsibilities and ensure compliance.

Company Vehicles and Nominated Drivers

Businesses should regularly check employees’ licences for new endorsements or penalties, as part of their Duty of Care. However, many businesses underestimate the risk of nominated drivers (non-employed drivers), both of which could land the employer in hot water.

Employers will often provide company vehicles where personal use is permitted. The same driver checks should be carried out on partners, spouses or family members before approval to drive is given. But does this happen? 

A company-provided vehicle, driven by a nominated driver, carries the same risk factors as one driven by a contracted employee. That’s why it’s essential that non-employees, with use of a company vehicle, are also checked for:

  • Medical conditions
  • Driving licence convictions
  • Endorsements and points
  • Accidents and incident involvement

If the HR or Fleet policy fails to include checks on nominated drivers, this can lead to severe consequences – that’s why it’s crucial to stay ahead. Failure to check could result in:

  • Corporate liabilities in the event of a serious road incident
  • Increased insurance costs for the group insurance policy, in the event of increased licence convictions
  • Potentially disqualified drivers using a company-provided vehicle
  • Corporate loss of credibility if exposure to risk has been identified

Any nominated driver should be evaluated in the same way as a team member, regardless of their non-employee status. The risk evaluation is the same and policies should be adopted that reflect this.

Licence Link, the online driving licence, CPC and Tacho card checking service, provides a simple and effective way to keep check of nominated drivers. Here’s how:

  • Associated drivers are linked to the employee record
  • Once approval to check has been gained, licences can be checked on a recurring basis
  • Set up automatic alerts as frequently as required, based on driver risk
  • If the employee leaves, associated drivers are automatically deleted from the system
  • Complies with GDPR 
  • Critical alerts and reports include nominated drivers 
  • A successful way of managing employer risk

Licence Link makes it easy to manage driver risk. There’s no excuse for businesses to get caught out – the entire process is seamless.

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