Month: January 2020

Licence Link takes the hassle out of handling licence checks

Licence Link’s three in one licence checking service has brought significant benefits for fleet customers, enabling HR Managers to check driving licence records, Certificates of Professional Competence (CPC) and Digital Tachograph cards, quickly and digitally.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) triggered new challenges for businesses. HR and Fleet Managers already faced the endless task of capturing consent when checking their teams’ entitlement to drive. With renewal now required every 3 years, Licence Link removes the hassle from the process. Here’s how:

Digital Approvals: 

Licence Link’s digital approvals boost efficiency and speed up the process. Fleet Managers can automatically request the driver’s approval, then see a response returned in real-time, reducing administration significantly. It’s simple to set up and a real time-saver, supporting fleet businesses to meet their duty of care requirements.

HR and Fleet Managers can also check associated drivers using digital approvals – including the licence holder’s spouse, partner or children. In the event the main driver leaves the business, all associated records are automatically deleted in the system, complying with GDPR rules.

Licence Link API:

The Licence Link Application Programming Interface (API) is now available, providing customers with efficient access to the licence checking service via their own website or software services. The API can be used to extend the customer’s existing product and service line, or incorporated into the customers’ HR or Fleet system.

The API brings substantial efficiencies, speeding up the time taken to check drivers’ entitlement, whilst ensuring they’re qualified for the correct vehicle category.


With these advancements having transformed processes for customers, Licence Link are continually improving their cloud-based licence checking service, and continue to roll out further developments, streamlining the process for customers.

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