Month: February 2019

Streamline Driver Checks with Digital Approvals

It’s down to the employer to ensure every driver is safe and qualified to be out on the road – a lengthy process if handled manually.┬áLicence Link cuts the time and administration out of the process – saving hours for HR teams.

To check a driving licence with the DVLA, the holder must give their approval. Fleets employing tens, or hundreds of drivers face the daunting task of gaining every driver’s consent, in order to comply with the law. Not only must they do this, but they require renewal every 3 years since the introduction of GDPR.

Digital Approvals:

In order to simplify this potentially mammoth task, Licence Link has digitalised the approvals process. Now, the HR team can electronically request drivers permission by sending a digital form, straight from Licence Link. It takes just moments for the driver to review, approve, and return the form – which they can do so straight from their phone, streamlining the process.

This alleviates the need for paper mandates, reduces the delay for a response, and has removed a serious amount of admin from the task, freeing up time for HR staff to focus elsewhere.

Once approval has been acquired, this lasts for 3 years. Licence Link enables employers to schedule frequent, automatic checks on drivers during this period to identify any new endorsements, penalty points or exclusions. Ultimately, identifying these in advance reduces the likelihood of getting caught out – which could result in the invalidation of insurance policies, fines or damage to the company’s reputation.

With serious consequences resulting from non-compliance, the digital approvals process in Licence Link has taken the pressure off of HR teams. It offers a fast, reliable and simple solution to help maintain their duty of care responsibilities and ensure compliance.

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