Month: January 2019

GDPR, and the Benefits of Licence Checking

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had a huge impact on employers when implemented by the DVLA on the 25th May 2018. To help customers prepare, Licence Link provided the tools required to comply with GDPR, built into their licence checking system. These included digital approvals – enabling employers to quickly attain approval from drivers before checking their licence, and automatic alerts – notifying HR teams when an employee’s approval is due to expire (after 3 years).

Licence Link makes it easy for fleet customers to meet their duty of care requirements – as they did with GDPR. This removes the hassle from the process. Licence Link also offers many other useful features for customers to benefit from, including:

Driver, CPC and Tacho checks

When using Licence Link’s driving licence checking service, customers can also check CPC and Tacho cards at no additional cost. This makes the process simpler for employers, who can complete all three checks in one system.

Driver Association

Employers can also keep check of associated drivers’ records. These include anybody outside the business who drive the company vehicles, such as an employees’ spouse, partner or children. It’s crucial to check every driver (employed or not), as they could impact the groups’ insurance policy. Any excessive points or endorsements could breach the terms and conditions, or invalidate the policy altogether.

Employers can easily link the associated drivers’ records to the employee, making it easy to check they have a valid licence and are safe to be on the road. If the employment comes to an end, all associated records are removed from the system, eliminating the risk of a GDPR breach.

Driver Approvals

Licence Link’s digital process speeds up the time taken to gain driver approval. There’s no need to send, scan or sign paper mandates. The fully electronic process automatically alerts each driver with an approval request, enabling them to accept from their mobile device in just moments. This removes the time, hassle and administrative burden on the business.


With three-in-one checks, regular system updates and the valuable features in Licence Link, customers can benefit from significant process efficiencies and time savings. This makes it easy to comply with the law.

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