Month: October 2018

Diabetes, Cataracts, Obstructed Sleep Apnoea and Fatigue.

Medical conditions have been reviewed in the last year in the light of an entitlement to drive privately and vocationally. Each condition brings with it the necessity to understand how each one impacts upon the reactiveness of a driver.

Diabetes UK (via the DVLA), have for some time (since 2011) been trying to change a European Union directive that when introduced, caused many drivers to lose their driving licence. The Association of Optometrists (AOP) have been advising the DVLA in consideration for new guidelines concerning drivers with only mild bilateral cataracts. The OSA (Obstructed Sleep Apnoea) Partnership Group, working with healthcare professionals and with the DVLA, have been instrumental in the introduction of new guidelines for drivers suffering from OSA. Regarding self-inflicted fatigue, the Freight Transport Association, have welcomed new DVSA powers that now enable the enforcement authorities to take serious action upon vocational drivers that repeatedly ignore the drivers’ hours rules within the Working Time Directive.

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