Month: February 2018

Exchanging to a GB Driving Licence – The Benefits.

Vocational non-GB licensed drivers are expected to register their driving licence with the DVLA within 12 months of taking up residence within Great Britain. Once registered the DVLA will issue a ‘Confirmation of Registration Document’ (D91). However, for their employers, an electronic licence check is not currently available within the DVLA.

So what steps can be taken to ensure that these employees are entitled to drive for work purposes? The first step for employers is to ensure that the non-GB licensed driver is in possession of a D91. The next step is to do a licence check. This is where the convenience of electronically checking is absent and a premium rate phone call to the DVLA’s Driver Check Service (09061 39 38 37) is required with consent from the driver. Repeating the steps for any ongoing frequency checks. The administrative burden of this could be alleviated if the driver is willing to do an exchange for a GB issued licence.

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Company Car Drivers – Is there a risk?

A recent survey has suggested that many drivers, up to a third, are unaware of the speed limits of the UK road network. A surprising amount when considering that there are almost a million Company Car drivers.

The survey identified amongst those drivers, that the general speed limits of dual carriageways and motorways were at best vague and at worst unknown. New and younger drivers fared better in the survey, perhaps because understanding the rules detailed in the Highway Code are a necessity for passing the driving test, where The Highway Code becomes an invaluable reference and study guide for all new motorists. But how often after the driving test is it reviewed? How many motorists have a copy at hand or review it online?

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Adding Value to Driving Licence Checking

When added value is experienced when using a product or service that performs beyond expectations, it can often lead to testimonials, referrals and repeated business.

The concept of ensuring that employed drivers are safe and legal to drive on behalf of their employers has been made significantly easier with the advent of the DVLA’s Access to Driver Data (ADD) service and online licence checking services. The provision of risk reduction and providing help for duty of care requirements is at the heart of Licence Link. But what else does Licence Link do to add value to the already valued service they provide?

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