Month: December 2017

Testimonials Trust and Procurement.

When an individual, business, organisation or service receives a formal recognition of their character, qualifications and experience, it demonstrates a high level of confidence and trust in the supplier. Not only that, but testimonials of this kind will assist others in their procurement process.

Recently Pinewood Technologies PLC, the provider and administrator of Licence Link, the online driver licence checking service received some additional testimonials from users of their service and in the interests of procurement thought that it would aid the process by just sharing some of the comments with all sectors large and small, where driving company cars or employing vocational drivers is concerned.

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Driving Through the EU and AETR Territories.

In order to drive through the European Union and non-EU countries that are signatories of the AETR (Accord Européen sur les Transports Routiers) the driver must be in possession of a valid digital tachograph card (Driver Card). The adopted driving time limits, breaks and rest periods rules have to be adhered to and recorded. Let’s take a brief look at the Driver Card.

Since the 1st of May 2006, all new vehicles that come under the EU or AETR rules on driver’s hours must be fitted with a digital tachograph called the Vehicle Unit (VU). This is a recording device that stores driver and vehicle data relating to driving activities and vehicle data including speeds and distance travelled. The tachometer will record the driving activities onto the Driver Card, storing up to 28 days of data.

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Pinewood Technologies PLC and the ADLV.

Pinewood Technologies PLC, the provider, administrator and developer of Licence Link, the online licence checking service, became a member of the Association for Driving Licence Verification ADLV in 2014. Pinewood, a Microsoft Partner with multiple accreditations and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 concerning Quality Management and Information Security was keen to be involved and be a forefront member of the ADLV. So what does this mean for Pinewood and Pinewood’s customers?

The ADLV’s membership ethos, as stated on their website is to:

continue to maintain and improve the current high standards already achieved, and bring impeccable knowledge and understanding of the complexities industry face when allowing employees or workers to drive on company business.

This echoes the principles held at Pinewood, where understanding customers’ requirements. setting high standards for quality, security and service dominate the processes and procedures of the business.

But becoming a member of the ADLV is taken very seriously, indeed the requirements of membership involve meeting a minimum standard of entry and the applicant must already be under contract with the DVLA Data Sharing Team.

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