Month: October 2017

The Public Sector Machine – Helping to Reduce Costs

The published 2017 spring budget Public Sector government spending and revenue for 2017-18 shows a spending total of £820 billion and a receipts total of £744 billion. As of March 2017, the Public Sector net debt stood at a colossal £1830 billion. The need for increased efficiency and cost savings is obvious when it is considered that this period’s debt payments alone will top £46 billion.

With 5.424 million employees as of March 2017, the Public Sector employs 17% of all employed workers in the UK. This is a massive enterprise and where a debt payment is almost the same as the current level of borrowing it is in the interest of every one to encourage thrift and supplier change where cost savings can be made, in order to keep this colossal machine running.

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