Month: June 2017

Smartphone Licences – A Licence to Share.

The DVLA has revealed plans that will enable the sharing of a driving licence on a smartphone. Another way of being able to enable validation of an entitlement to drive. But with fraudulently obtained or invalid driving licences already being used in the UK, will this new facility be vulnerable to identity thieves and fraudsters?

The DVLA has a dedicated Counter Fraud and Intelligence Team, tasked to identify and reduce any opportunity for fraud and corruption. The threats to businesses and individuals lie in the fact that driving licences are no longer just used to demonstrate an entitlement to drive but are also used as a primary identification document. As stated by the DVLA, this makes the driving licence a valuable asset for criminals to attempt to obtain, usually by providing false information or stealing someone else’s identity.

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Dealership Health Checks

A common practice for most dealerships is to offer a free Vehicle Health Check (VHC) service for customers. A service that checks the essential components and systems of a customer’s vehicle. Any urgent work on the vehicle can be detected and reported back to the customer. Would a similar health check be worth consideration for a dealership?

A VHC carried out on a customer’s vehicle when in the workshop for service, repair or recall is seen as a useful way of determining the condition of tyres, wheels, electrics, suspension and steering for example. A VHC form quite often uses a traffic light system in order to present the status of these components and systems. Red is seen as an urgent action required, amber as cautionary requires monitoring and green as no action required. At a glance, the customer can see the results and recommendations presented in the VHC form.

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