Why check?

Duty to Protect

Everyone involved in a work related task is responsible for ensuring that job activities are as risk free as possible.

Avoidance of Danger

Vehicles have to be safe to be driven and drivers qualified and safe to do so.

Licensed to Drive

Employers and employees must understand the aspect of a legally and licensed entitlement to drive.

Liability Awareness

Everyone at the corporate level has to ensure there is no risk of becoming an accessory to a driving offence, especially where the action of the driver causes a fatality.

"Exposure to risk can lead to the downfall of any business or organisation"

Licence Link has been developed to help fulfil these duty of care requirements that HR and Fleet Managers are tasked with, through offering fast and easy Driving Licence, DQC and Tacho card checks with competitive pricing!

Limiting risk is the goal of everyone concerned with health and safety. Today’s HR or Fleet Manager is faced with a mountain of legislation for duty of care requirements. With so many laws to follow and demands upon their time, why is it necessary to check driving licences?

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