Real Time Checking

Remove delay in authorisation

Ability to check licences on a real time basis means that if you have any new drivers, or drivers that you feel need to be urgently queried, you will be able to carry out the checks required in a matter of moments

Immediate snapshot

Responses to single requests are immediate, giving you accurate driver data when you need it. This removes the wait time on scheduled checks, and the potential delays this has on allowing drivers to use vehicles for company use.

Simplified responses

If no driver information is available, you’ll be presented with a message that the driver licence number has not been found or that the enquiry is not available. This helps keep everything moving and doesn’t impact the service you receive.

Less suppressed records

Realtime checking removes the historic markers held against driver records that used to suppress the checking of the licence, meaning more of your driver database is available to check.

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Real-time checking is available at all times, removing any delay that could keep your fleet running, particularly useful for public services and other businesses that have out of normal working hour requirements.

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