Multi Branch Reporting

Remove administration time

Our Multi Branch Reporting feature allows data to stream from your entire fleet, therefore making it  viewable in one single top-level report, this presents visibility across multiple branches/locations. Click and drill through the report for more detail, and crucially maintain a full audit trail.

Multi-branch set-up

Capable of supporting your current fleet structure, Licence Link can be set up to accommodate single site or multi branch businesses, providing a consolidated head office overview, as required. Regardless of the complexity of your fleet, Licence Link can support all of your driving licence checking requirements throughout, in one single system.

Click and Drill

Your fleet may perceive certain drivers being ‘at risk’ of losing their licence – such as those with 9 points on their licence, 3 away from the licence being revoked. Set frequent monthly or bimonthly checks on these drivers, whilst setting bi-annual checks on those holding a clean licence. You’ll take away the administration of manually checking each licence regularly, or relying on your driver notifying you of any changes they may have.

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