Gain Digital Approval From Your Drivers

Streamline and digitise your licence checking processes. Gain digital approval from your drivers when it’s time to check their licence, saving hours (if not days) for your HR and Fleet Administrators. eDeclarations remove the need for employees to sign, scan, and submit a physical signature, digitising the permissions process.

Take the time and hassle out of maintaining driver records, whether you have 10 or 10,000, team members!

Get permission in moments, rather than days...


Send an eDeclaration to your drivers

Request approval to check your drivers' licences within Licence Link


Drivers sign their permission, remotely

See their response immediately - so you can get drivers out on the road ASAP

approval lasts OUTLINE

Approval lasts for three years

Run unlimited checks during this time, without needing to regain approval

Get your drivers on the road fast with eDeclarations

Reduce delays to productivity and streamline the time taken to update driver records – it’s fast, easy, and convenient to gain approval from your team.

Paperless permission

Our digital approvals process eliminates the need for your drivers to sign, scan and print paper mandates – taking the hassle out of compliance.

Save on printing costs, minimise messy paperwork, and forget having to search through filing cabinets next time you need to retrieve a record!

Schedule multiple checks at once

Reduce admin time significantly, whether you’re requesting approval from one driver or your whole team, with results returned in real-time.

Once you’ve received the signed eDeclarations back, it’s easy to schedule checks in bulk for your fleet, saving hours for your HR team.

Minimise downtime and delays

Why wait for staff to come to the office and sign a permission form? They can provide digital approval from their phone in seconds, with an eDeclaration. 

Check new or temporary drivers as and when you require, eliminating delays to productivity for your fleet business.

Approval lasts three years

There’s no need to pester your employees for permission every time you need to check their licence.

Once signed, approval lasts for three years – so you can spend more time on the tasks that matter. Licence Link makes it easy to comply with GDPR.

“The eDeclaration process has been extremely simple. Previously there was a lot of paperwork and now, once digitally signed, we have access to view the information at any time.”
“Since Licence Link introduced the electronic declaration form, the process has been extremely simple and easy to use. Previously there was a lot of paperwork and time spent trying to get drivers to sign their mandate.
Now all we simply add their information to the database and click a button. Once they receive their email and authorise the eDeclaration, we have access to view their information at any time during the 3 year period. It’s so easy and user friendly.”
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