Automated Alert System

Remove administration time

By automating your checking routine, Licence Link reduces the administration burden of manual checking, delivering alerts to information that needs your attention so you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Check for critical licence changes

Unlike other formal identification documents, a driving licence is an evolving record of the driving performance an individual has. Automate checks to alert you of critical changes to licences, such as new endorsements, category changes or special terms applied to the validity of the licence.

Frequency of checks set depending on driver risk

Your fleet may perceive certain drivers being ‘at risk’ of losing their licence – such as those with 9 points on their licence, 3 away from the licence being revoked. Set frequent monthly or bimonthly checks on these drivers, whilst setting bi-annual checks on those holding a clean licence. You’ll take away the administration of manually checking each licence regularly, or relying on your driver notifying you of any changes they may have.

Establish a sustainable checking routine

Simply, set-up Licence Link to check licences – tell the system to perform the task, so you won’t have to. Tell your management, insurers and legal advisors, that you are responsibly checking licences on a regular basis. A process is now in place.

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