Compliance through a feature rich system

Your HR processes, legal obligations and insurance validation require accurate licence information prior to approving an employee to drive for company purposes. Some companies still rely upon primitive scans of the card and paper portions of the licence, on the assumption that the driver is being honest and providing an accurate view of their current right to drive. Sadly this faith leaves the company vulnerable to a range of serious implications.

Licence Link makes the management of driving licences simple and accurate. Automated checking routines validate licences against the DVLA database and provide a peace of mind process alerting management to ‘at risk’ drivers or exceptions that require attention. This takes away the administration of manually checking each licence regularly, or relying on your driver notifying you of any changes they may have.

Our solution is capable of supporting your current fleet structure and can be set up to accommodate single site or multi branch businesses, providing a consolidated head office overview, if required. Each contributing piece of data in report can be drilled down in detail, allowing you easy access to relevant information so you can benefit from views of your fleet you never thought possible.

Real Time Checking

Ability to check licences on a real time basis means that if you have any new drivers, or drivers that you feel need to be urgently queried, you will be able to carry out the checks required in a matter of moments.

Electronic Declaration

Remove the need for signed, scanned and emailed paperwork to receive the necessary authorisation to check your fleet’s licences. Electronic approval turns this process into a fast digital one so you can carry on working.

Automated Alerts

By automating your checking routine, Licence Link reduces the administration burden of manual checking, delivering alerts to information that needs your attention so you don’t have to worry about compliance.

Multi Branch Reporting

Data streams from your entire fleet viewable in one single top-level report, presenting visibility across multiple branches/locations. Click and drill through the report for more detail, and crucially maintain a full audit trail.

CPC and Tachographs

Legislation requires that Large Goods Vehicle and Passenger Carrying Vehicle drivers have a valid Certificate of Professional Competence. Licence Link provides free checks for the validity of Driver Qualification and Tachograph Driver cards. CPC and Tacho Driver card expiry details are available with no additional cost.

API Service

In order to enhance the efficiency of the current process, Licence Link have provided a series of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that when used, allows a smooth automated process to seamlessly maintain driver’s records directly with the client’s system to communicate with Licence Link.

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