Why check?

Duty to Protect

Minimise risk, preventing serious consequences for your business and other road users.

Avoidance of Danger

Vehicles must be safe to be driven on the road, and drivers qualified and valid to do so.

Licensed to Drive

Ensure team members hold a valid driving licence, before sending them out on the road.

Liability Awareness

Businesses should regularly check drivers for new endorsements or driving offences.

Keep check of drivers, or your fleet could face serious consequences

Licence Link supports businesses in every sector to fulfil their duty of care requirements, saving a significant amount of time and hassle – streamlining the process.

Keep track of Driving Licences, DQCs and Tacho cards, ensuring employees are safe to be out on the road. Licence Link provides real-time results for checks, helping HR and Fleet Managers to ensure drivers are compliant – for a competitive price. If your business fails to identify new endorsements or exclusions, it could face serious consequences – from hefty fines to invalidated insurance policies.

Read our article to see why it’s crucial to keep on top of licence checking. See how Licence Link can safeguard your business:

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