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Act and educate: protect your fleet this festive period

With Christmas starting to be whispered around the office, we’re fast approaching a period that sees a 41% increase in drink-driving convictions. Focus your drivers on understanding the facts around licence related risks and improve the functional performance of your fleet.

Driving and alcohol shouldn’t be mixed – this is well understood and accepted amongst drivers. However, the residual effects that drinking has the ability to drive the following morning are still underestimated. 1 in 5 drivers that are convicted of drink driving each year, are on their way to – or at work the next day. This is only one aspect of licence risk, but a worthwhile and necessary focus at this time of the year.
Licence Link provides you with the information needed to be able to act to create a safer driving environment. However, if this information is not supported by a well-managed process it simply informs with no action. We recommend taking the following approach to help achieve a healthier, less risky fleet:

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Licence Link provides Real Time licence checking

New quick-response checking set to help businesses improve operational efficiencies

Licence Link has added a new feature for fleet managers to use, adding to the growing list of benefits that the solution has to offer. There is now the ability to carry out real time driving licence checks, meaning no more waiting around for the vital information that you need to successfully manage your fleet.

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